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Yesterday’s Haul – September 14th


I had to go out groceries yesterday morning and couldn’t resist stopping by a few stores before I headed home to get my mega shipment sorted. I visited two Salvation Armies and a Savers and found some goodies.

The best of the bunch:

The Dunkin Donuts Travel Mugs – I found three for $1.49 each. Two I have to create listing for but I listed one for $35.

The Precious Moments Thank You box – paid $2.99 and listed for $35.

Build a Bear – I picked up a Camo bear for $1.99 and listed for $25 and a bunny for $2.99 and listed for $35.

I found a bunch of cool collectible tins! Most I have to research still and create listings for but I put two up. The Hershey Millenium on I paid $1.99 for and listed at $25 and the Ritz tin was 99 cents and listed for $35.

The School Memories Album – paid $1.99 and listed for $35.

The Barbie Squinkees Dream House – paid 99 cents and listed for $35.

The Sweet Streets Beach House – paid $2.49 and listed for $45.

The 1938 Vintage Lexicon Crossword card game – paid $1 and listed for $35.

The bottom line:

Total items listed: 29

Total Buy Cost $61.31

Total Sales Value: $721.32

Total Net Profit: $450.63

Pretty good for only about an hour worth of shopping and driving!

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