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Who you gonna call? Today’s trip – October 3rd

Can you tell that I am a little excited about the large, new with tags, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man I found from the Ghostbusters movie?  Ok, maybe more than a little.  I’ll sell him but it hurts me a little.

I hit 4 Goodwill’s today and found some real goodies!

The best of the batch are:

The aforementioned Stay Puft guy – he was $2.97 and I matched another FBA price at $49.99.

Another great find was a Jerry Garcia plush made by Gund.  As soon as I saw him I did a little happy dance assuming he would be worth a lot … and I was right!  Paid .97 cents (really!!) and listed him for a conservative $75.00.

The transparency film (I always grab these if they are still sealed – counting the sheets on open ones is not my idea of fun).  I paid .97 cents and listed for $35.  These tend to sell pretty fast so it should be a quick flip.

The Peep Maker!  Another item I was semi-tempted to keep but after seeing the going price and rank and limited offers I knew I had to list it.  I paid $3.97 and listed it for $85.

I told you I had some great finds!!

Only two duds:

That Sully from Monsters Inc. face mask.  This was my fault – it is a fairly new toy and those don’t usually have as much value.  New it’s only selling for $11 so I’m not even going to bother.  On the bright side, my son got that same mask for his birthday last year and the eyebrows fell off.  He still loves it and wears it so now he has a replacement in much better shape.  For only $2.97 … not a bad dud.

The other dud was the Baby’s First Christmas Pooh ornament.  The listing on Amazon is under baby.  This isn’t correct but because it is there and baby is a product that you can only list in if the item is brand new (and the ornament is not) I can’t list under the current listing.  It’s a no-no to create a new listing for an identical item so that is out.  I could contact Amazon and have them move the category but honestly for the going price new it’s just not worth it to me.  And I only paid 97 cents for it so not a huge deal.

Time for the bottom line!

Total buy cost: $58.31.

Total Sales Value: $693.18

Total Net Profit: $458.08

Nice way to close out the week!!  Hopefully I can get the boxes packed up tomorrow and out for pickup on Monday.  Have a fabulous weekend!!


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