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Well, it was a good run…

We made it almost two months into the school year before a child got sick! That has to be a new record!

Sadly, my middle daughter, Sarah is home today with a fever. I’ll be home home bound with her today, trying to make her feel better, and hoping nobody else comes down with it next.

As much as it kills me to see my daughter feeling sick and as much as I don’t like the sudden change to my plans for the day …. it ‘s also days like these that make me feel especially blessed to have the job that I do. If both my husband and I worked traditional office jobs this morning would have been a scramble of trying to either figure out who could take the day off to stay home with her or finding a last minute caregiver to take over.

Instead, the answer is easy because my job can always wait. I may do a little computer work today ,and hopefully at least a little cleaning, but mostly I’ll be taking care of my baby, enjoying some rare one on one time with her, and more than likely watching Frozen multiple times.

You can’t beat being your own boss!

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