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Well… hello fourth quarter!

The busy season is finally upon us!!! I can tell from my sales the past couple of weeks that things are really ramping up. Not only am I selling more items and seeing a bigger bottom line come the bi-weekly payouts but things that have been sitting in my inventory for months and months are now selling. Especially plush. This past week I’ve sold lots of plush and it should only keep getting better from here.

All of this selling is reminding me that I really need to get out there and source as much as I can and get the shipments out to Amazon. It has been hard with the kids being sick or off from school so much lately and this week is no better. I have parent teacher conferences three days this week and with them being off yesterday and a half day today I haven’t gotten to anything I planned to. I’m hoping to spend the end of this week doing at least a little thrifting and getting every single thing out the door by the weekend.

Looking ahead after this week I have two full weeks with the kids in school every day (and for full days) so hopefully everyone stays healthy and I can make the most of it. I hope to be back with a new haul to report soon – until then keep thrifting and sending in shipments! Tis the season!!

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