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Weekly Wrap Up – 8/26 – 8/28

It’s that time of the week… time to put the week to bed and move on to enjoying the weekend! I don’t know about you but I am SO ready!!

I had a short week with the kids not starting school until Wednesday but overall I am pleased with what I got done and the two boxes full of inventory I have heading to Amazon.

I listed 54 new items which cost me $174.30 to purchase. They are listed on Amazon for a combined sales value of $1925.31 and once they sell (minus all those pesky selling fees) I should be looking at a net profit of about $1292.86…. gotta love that kind of return on your investment. Spend $175 to make $1925? Yes, please!!

I spent about 8 1/2 hours working the past three days giving me a potential hourly rate of $152.10 an hour. Better pay than any part time job I could find and SO much more flexible.

But, thrifting is only a portion of my business … I also opened back up my grocery listings and filled about 9 orders in the last three days netting another $110 or so. Any orders that come in tonight and over the weekend will be filled and shipped early next week. Read my post from yesterday if want the inside scoop on selling grocery items on Amazon. It’s a nice bit of extra income!

I spent about an hour this morning before school adding new grocery items to sell. These were all items I found just doing online research and for the most part are things that are exclusively local to where I live. That means the sales won’t be daily because my audience is people who have visited or lived where I live and miss the products here but the sales I do make will generate a greater profit because the limited nature of people who can sell the products allows me to charge a lot more than I could for items most anyone can sell. If that makes sense… 🙂 Anyway, I set up another 45 or so products that in the coming months should keep my grocery line hopping and more money coming in.

The final piece of my business is wholesale. This is always humming along nicely in the background and generating plenty of daily sales to keep me going even when I’m not thrifting or selling grocery items. But, I do need to take time to re-order and replenish that inventory as well as find new products to sell. The set it and forget it nature of wholesale makes it a no brainer. That said I didn’t do anything wholesale related this week at all. I’m still selling through the items I sent in August but I did see a few alerts from Amazon recently that some products are sold out and others are getting low in stock so I do need to devote some time to this one day soon.

Ok, it was a fabulous week and I loved getting back into what I love to do most… thrift!! But, this Momma is ready to say Goodnight to Amazon and hello to the weekend. See you Monday!!

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