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Waiting on UPS

Today I did a really important (and often hard for me to prioritize) thing for my business. I moved the large amount of listed inventory off the floor of my office basement, into boxes, and onto the porch for pickup today. They should be at Amazon and in my inventory by Monday or Tuesday of next week. And for anyone who noticed the adorable pup standing by the door – that is my first baby, Roxy. She is a big help!

While I was down in my office I stared long and hard at the boxes and boxes I have down there filled to the brim with items I purchased over the end of last school year and over the summer. You see, before I was doing this blog I would usually take anything from that days trip that wasn’t already listed on Amazon and toss it in a pile to “work on later”. Yeah, later still hasn’t arrived. This blog has really helped me to not grow that pile because now I take the time to list every single item so I can report an accurate trip to you. So as much as I hope this blog helps you all it also helps me immensely (thank you!!!).

I think I am going to make some changes to my weekly routine for a few weeks until I can get that pile sorted and over to the warehouse. I will still keep Monday as my thrifting day because I like to get out and do something I really enjoy that first day of the week. But, the other days I’m going to grab a trips worth of stuff from those piles and get it listed. I’ll still take a picture of what I am sorting through and give and update here so in a sense not much will change but it will help me get a bit organized and at the same time since I won’t be spending new money at the thrift stores it will let me grab some of my profits coming in and set them aside for our family Christmas expenses and everything else coming up the next few months.

Also you may notice a few changes to the blog. I had my blog guru (thanks Richard!!!) add a few new tabs for me so you can easily find the Amazon Mom approved posts and the Ask the Amazon Mom Posts. I have a lot of readers (both of the blog and my ebooks) email me for guidance and I truly love answering your questions. If you have any you want answered then please send them over – you can ask about Amazon, managing a business with kids, my life, anything you want – I’m an open book! You can even click on tab and then the raised hands to submit your questions now. So please, ask away!!


  1. Hooray Stacy! Judging from the size and # of boxes you sent, it looks like you meant business! I’ve been working on spring cleaning for my inventory as well. I have so much that needs to get listed and into Amazon’s warehouse, hopefully before we leave for vacation.

    I noticed that you said that those boxes will make it to Amazon on Monday or Tuesday of next week. Do you have the fortunate pleasure of living close to a fulfillment center?

  2. Hi Yolanda! Yes, I do have that fortunate pleasure! For the first year and a half I was in business I shipped most items over to TN but a few months back they either opened or it was open and they assigned me to one in my state… about 2 hours away. It has made receiving much faster (and saved me a lot of shipping costs!).

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