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Today’s trip – Septmber 8th

Hello!  I had a very productive day today.  It started with getting two big shipments out to Amazon this morning.  To be honest, this is a point I have always struggled with.  I love the shopping, I don’t mind the listing, but I hate the getting shipments together and boxes out part.  And this is why I often have weeks of product in my office waiting to go.

Well, no more.  This girl is getting her act together and this blog has been a big help to me (and I hope it’s helping you all too).  It’s keeping me focused and organized so I can wrap up each days listing the same day (usually) and get a post up to share how I did.  So, thank you for reading!

I managed to hit three Goodwill’s and get in a grocery stop all in the short time my son was at preschool so I’m patting myself on the back today big time.  And I scored a LOT of goodies!

Here goes:

A few duds, as usual.  Today it was the Dot glue runner 4 pack, the bag of glue sticks, and the Cedar Planks from Bed Bath and Beyond.  But, to be fair I bought the first two thinking they probably would be duds and being ok with keeping them.  And the Cedar planks totally got me with the picture of the Salmon cooking on them and I realized I couldn’t sell them and needed to cook salmon on them. That does happen sometimes.. lol

The gems well outweighed the duds today so that is always a good thing.
The ones I am most excited about are the Hokey Pokey Elmo and the Talking Scooby Doo Plush.  I paid $2.97 for each of them and both are being listed at $75.  The Elmo I know I can get this price for because I sold one last month for $150.  It was new in the box though and this guy was removed from the box (but still has his tags attached and works perfectly) so I cut the price in half on him.  Scooby I based my price on the other offers and then bumped up a bit because there are no FBA sellers.

I also found a great Looney Tunes puzzle (brand new) that cost $2.97 and is listed for $45, a huge Dora Christmas Door Greeter that I paid $3.97 for and listed for $45, and a really cool ERTL Sun maid Raisin Ford Delivery Truck Bank that I paid $3.97 for and listed for $35.

Christmas stuff is starting to trickle in to the stores and I’m paying attention.  I remember the profits on those items last year (and beyond Christmas) so I always take a look.  Today I found a vintage Christmas by Krebs Santa on Silk ornament that is on Ebay for $39.99 and has several watchers already so I priced mine at $45 on Amaozn (I paid $1.97).

Definitely a great day.  I’m so happy to be getting back into the swing of thrifting again after a long summer mostly off.  If I keep having days like this I’ll be a happy girl!

Here is today’s bottom line:

Total Buy cost: $58.24

Total Sales Value: $798.53

Total Net Profit: $535.66

And that is all from me today.  I’ll be back tomorrow with (hopefully) more goodies to share!

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