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Today’s trip – September 29th

Yes… I know I still have to finish updating my trip from last week but to be honest with you I haven’t gotten through the bag of plush I need to create listings for yet.  Today’s trip had a whole lot less creating to do so I figured I would get it listed and out of the way so I can get back to processing the other trip.

Today I hit 4 Goodwill’s and did pretty well overall.

The best finds of the day were:

Board Games … I found some great board games today!!  And the Goodwill I found them all at decided to be super helpful and put a sticker on them that all of the pieces were counted and the game is complete.  How nice of them!!  Of course, since it’s my name on the line I am still going to check but it makes me feel better about taking a chance on them at the store.  I picked up the Aladdin Magic Carpet game for $1.97 and listed it for$45, The Babysitters Club game for $1.97 and listed it for $45, and the Bearenstain Bears Messy Room Game for $1.97 and listed it for $35.

I also got a Hooked on Phonics Level One set – which I’ve sold a few times so I know it’s a winner- for $3.97 and listed it for $45

The Gund Happy Birthday Abby Cadabby was .97 cents and I listed her for $35.

The Giant Learning Dinosuar with play balls was a lot more than I normally consider spending – $12.97 – but I was able to list it for $75 so it was a nice find.

At the first Goodwill of the day I stumbled up on a collection of 7 Avon Christmas Plates from the late 70’s/early 80’s that were priced at $1.97 a piece.  They have actually been at this store for a week or so and I’ve passed them by a few times but for some reason today I decided to look them up on Scoutify (Inventory Lab’s new super awesome scanning app) and found that they had low rankings for what they are and were fetching decent prices.  So today I grabbed them all and listed them between $15 and $35 per plate depending on the current pricing for each.

Now the duds:

The big Tigger plush I got had a bad stain I didn’t catch at the store so I tossed him.  I only sell plush if it is in excellent condition.  He only cost .97 cents so it wasn’t a very costly mistake at least.

The Mighty Bright AC adapter was $1.97 and selling for about that on Amazon so that too got tossed.

The other two duds were really less duds and more me wanting to keep them for myself (well, the kids).

The Juggling balls and How to book really made my 8 year old daughter, Paige’s day so it was worth keeping even at $4.97.

The Disney Clock Radio.  That one hurts a little.  It is really, really cool.  And it is a perfect fit for my 6 year old daughter, Sarah’s, princess room.  And it has a nightlight on it that makes stars on the ceiling.  So, I tried to ignore the fact that this clock that I paid $4.97 for was selling for $55 and by non FBA sellers AND was in pretty high demand and decided to make a little girl really happy instead.  Totally worth it.

The bottom line:

I listed 24 items

Total buy cost: $64.28

Total Sales Value:  $747

Total Net Profit: $476.12

I’ll be back with Part Two of last weeks trip soon!


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