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Today’s trip – September 22nd

As I mentioned before today is the only day I will be thrifting this week (well, if I can totally stay away lol) and I wanted to make it a big one.  I made the rounds to all four Goodwill’s in the area and found some goodies along the way!

One store in particular gave me a lot of good scores by way of vintage board games which is always nice.

My favorite finds of the day were:

Solarquest – I LOVED this game when I was younger (Ok, I still do and am not parting with my own copy for any amount of money).  I paid $1.97 for this one and listed it at a very conservative $35.

Truth or Dare Jenga – I never even heard of this one!  Paid $3.97 and listed for $35.

Pop up Pirate Game – Paid $1.97 and listed for $35 (see a theme here?)

Blues Clues Play House Play Clay – Paid $1.97 and listed for $45.

Met life Surfer Snoopy – brand new in his bag!  Paid .97 cents and listed for $40.

And finally the Ty Beanie Baby Swiper for whom I paid .97 cents.  I have actually sold him before and in the same condition (very good) for $35 so I priced there again with this guy too.

Now for the duds:

The Easter Surprise Barbie: I paid $4.97 for her and listed her at $10.  And I’m one of the highest priced FBA sellers.  I tend to get excited over Barbies and grab them when I should scan them to be sure they were worth something.  Hopefully one day I learn this lesson.  Sigh.

The Boyds ornament and the Precious Moments boy were both broken and both $1.97.

And the final dud is totally my fault.  Rookie mistake.  I waited to finish listing until after the kids were home and my 6 year old fell in love with her.  She didn’t have a Minnie Mouse doll yet and what can I say?  I’m a sucker for those kids!

So, moving on….let’s look at the bottom line.

23 items listed.

Buy cost: $46.46

Total Sales Value: $531.50

Total Net Profit: $328.68

Not my best day, but not my worst either!

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