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Today’s Trip – September 18th

It was a short day today with no lunch bunch at my sons preschool but I managed two quick stops into the two closest Goodwill’s.

I am starting to see the Christmas section expand a bit at one of the stores which is a good thing.  Lot’s of goodies to be found in that section and the bigger, the better!  Once Halloween is behind us that section will grow to a good chunk of the store in each location.

I had a few really good finds today so I’m glad I made it out, even for a little bit.

Two great finds were the Serius One for $4.97 that listed for $50, the (HUGE) Chuck E Cheese Plush that cost $1.97 and listed for $50.

But, the very best find today were the two Little Einstein dolls which talk and sing classical music.  They must be very highly sought after because the prices are really high on them and the rank fairly low for something like that.  I paid 97 cents each and listed Annie for $50 and Leo for $75.  And that is used.  The new prices were well over $100!!

Today’s duds:

Amazon decided the hand crank Radio Shack radio is Hazmat so that is sidelined until they clear it.  It cost $4.97 and will list for $45 when they release it.

I decided to keep two items:  The National Geographic Global Pursuit game because I loved it so much as a kid the price wasn’t worth me parting with it.  And the Christmas by Krebs ornaments that show Santa flying over the rooftops.  I really love these pretty ornaments and decided to keep them for our own tree this year.  They were only 97 cents so it’s a steal!

And the final dud is totally my fault.  I had found this 6 ornament set with Tinkerbell on them and thought they would be a great seller.  Who doesn’t love Tink?!  But, had I looked closely I would have seen that they were ordinary frosted glass Christmas balls with stickers applied to them by the previous owner.  And not very smoothly.  Very cute on someone’s tree, I’m sure, but not up to par for being sold on Amazon so out to the trash they went.  That was a $3.97 mistake but over all the day definitely makes up for it so live and learn and move on.

All said I wound up getting 15 items into my shipment today and here is the bottom line:

Total Buy Cost: $36.55

Total Sell Value:  $445

Total Net Profit: $295.38

See you tomorrow!


  1. Really enjoy reading your blog! I’m trying to get out my first FBA shipment (testing out the “thrifting” waters and trying to get familiar with Amazon’s platform) and can’t seem to get pass all the labeling and packing guidelines for Amazon’s FBA.

    How do you pack your plush products for FBA? Do you use poly bags with warning labels on them? Is so, where do you get those? And would you recommend a newbie just printing out their own labels? Ugh…it sounded so simple….

    • Hi Sarah! Welcome to the blog! The labeling and packaging can sure be a pain, can’t it?! I pack my plush in self sealing poly bags with the warning labels already on them. I buy them on Amazon and am still figuring out what size and order works best for me. The last order I placed was for three different sizes and I’m noticing I use the big ones far more than the medium, and hardly ever the small.
      As far as labeling when I first started out I printed out my own. You can do it but it definitely ads to the process because then you have to find all the items and label them. Now I use a dymo label printer that prints labels one by one as I list an item. I list through Inventory Lab’s platform so I just go to one screen to input the purchase info (where I bought it, what I paid, the date), and the listing info (condition, price, quantity), and then out pops the label for me to apply. I love it!

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