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Today’s trip – September 17th

What a difference a day makes!  I only made it to two Goodwill’s but did SO much better than yesterday.  Honestly, days like yesterday – where I find so little – rarely happen.  Thank Goodness!!!

Oh and the cute little guy in the picture?  Not for sale!  😉  That is my son and big helper, Aidan.  I usually do my listing after I pick him up from preschool and he never misses a chance to survey the goods.

I had a few really good finds today!

I found two new toner cartridges for $2.97 each and listed them for $40 each.  New toner cartridges are always money! Usually they go for much more than this but these ones are remanufactured and sell for bit less.

I found a brand new Petsafe Boundary kit for $3.97.  It is for installing an invisible dog fence and I listed it for $50.

The large Marvel Spiderman Pillow Time Pal was $1.97 and listed for $45.

The Disney Store Abu was a great find.  Nobody was currently selling him on Amazon but he was still ranked and based on my research I listed him for $60.

And finally the Dakin Raggedy Ann Teddy bear I paid $1.97 for and listed for $50.

The duds:

The Precious Moments lamp doesn’t work.  It cost me $1.97.

One of the Santa figurines was broken.  He cost me $1.97.

The Barbie crafts for girls I had trouble finding info on and decided that since I have girls who like crafts and Barbie I would keep it for us.  Cost $1.97.

And the super awesome man eating plant hand puppet?  He was $4.97 and while I’ll likely sell him down the road I thought he would be fun to hang onto for our own use this Halloween.

The bottom line:

Total Buy Cost: $52.40

Total Sales Value: $572

Total Net Profit: $382.15

Much, much happier with today’s effort!  Tomorrow will be a lighter day because Aidan doesn’t have lunch bunch to extend his day and because I need to take care of some grocery orders during that time too.  But, I will be hitting at least one store and hopefully two so I’ll be back with a new trip tomorrow afternoon.. until then …happy thrifting!!




  1. So do you thrift pretty much every day?

    • During the school year … yes. Monday to Friday and maybe the odd trip on the weekend if I’m out running an errand. But, mostly just the weekdays. I don’t thrift much in the summer because all the kids are home and it’s just too hard. That time of year I might get out once a week thrifting and use the down time to work on other aspects of my business (retail arbitrage and wholesale) and just to relax and enjoy the kids. This time of year – going into 4th quarter – is when I work the hardest and am the busiest.

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