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Today’s trip – September 15th

Happy days in the McCafferty house today!  Lunch bunch began at my son’s preschool which extends his day an extra two hours for only $7 a day and gives me those two hours extra to source. I always find more than $7 in profit those extra sourcing hours so it really pays for itself and he loves it so it is a no brainer for me.  And those two extra hours are especially helpful this time of year when the rush is on to bulk up the inventory!

With my morning now free from 9am until 1:30pm I was able to easily hit all four local Goodwill’s and hit a few grocery stores on the way to fill my merchant fulfilled orders.

I spent a little more than I have been with the extra store in rotation but I also have a decent net profit so it was worth it.

My favorite finds of the day were:

The Dimensions Counted Cross Stitch Twilight Bridge – I paid $2.97 and listed it for $35.  Anytime I see these new and unopened I buy them without a second thought.  They always sell and can fetch a great price.

The Mickey Pirate Halloween Plush and Candy Dish – I paid $2.97 and listed for $35.  This is a great find with Halloween around the corner.

The Madame M M&M’s Candy Dispenser – new in box – I paid a whopping $9.97 for this but the relatively low rank and listed price of $60 made up for that.

Swinging Snoopy Hallmark Plush – I paid $2.97 and listed for $50.  These Hallmark singing and animated Christmas plush are great finds to begin with but combine it with Snoopy and it’s even better.

Beauty and The Beast Broadway Belle Doll – Paid $4.97 and listed for $35.

Sleepy time Barney Plush – Paid $1.97 and listed for $55.  I must admit that I am not the purple dinosaur’s biggest fan (I may have used the word hate a few times) but this profit margin makes me like him (a teeny tiny) bit more.

The Duds:

My kids are really lucky…they seem to wind up with most of the duds. This week it was the Zhu Zhu Pet Push along Blue BIrd Buggy (I really need to stop buying anything Zhu Zhu), the Penguin plush, and the Phillies Bulldog plush.  They were $1.97 each so not too bad.

The bottom line:

I listed 37 items.

Total Buy Cost: $74.89

Total Sales Value: $869.87

Total Net Profit: $554.29

Tomorrow will be a lighter day and a late posting.  I’m meeting a dear friend for some much needed coffee and catching up in the morning and plan on some (also much needed) weeding in the afternoon.  I hope to log my finds after the kids go to bed and get the post up before bed but if not it will be up Wednesday.  Until then!



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