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Today’s trip – September 10th

The word for today is board games.  Ok, technically two words.  And by looking at the picture of today’s haul it looks like the word should be plush and while I did well with the plush I found today those two board games take the cake.

The first one I found was the Pokemon game.  I’ve actually sold that one before, fairly recently, for $55 in good condition.  The nice thing about games like this is that you will run into them multiple times on your travels and after you see how much the first one lists for you won’t forget it when you see it again.  I paid $3.97 for it and listed it for a whopping $75 (the condition is better on this one and the prices have gone up for the game across all grading levels).

The other game is a new one to me.  It’s called Scooby-Doo! Where are you? Clue.  It has a pretty low rank and really high prices so it’s a definite score.  I paid $2.97 and will easily sell it for $65.

There were some good plush finds today too:  Kohls Snoopy (paid .97 cents – listed for $45), Duffy the Disney Bear (paid .97 cents – listed for $40), Jim Henson’s Shotgun Red Plush Doll (paid $2.97 – listed for $45), and an FAO Schwarz Fifth Avenue collection Elephant (paid .97 – listed for $45).

I was thinking there weren’t going to be any duds today and there wouldn’t have been if I hadn’t given up trying to find out what that Disney Princess doll is in the winter outfit.  And if my 6 year old daughter, Sarah, wasn’t so taken with princesses.  She is going to lose her mind when I present her with this beauty after school and I think that is worth more than anything I could make selling her.

The only other thing on the table not going out to Amazon just yet is the Precious Moments water globe.  Amazon has deemed it Hazmat so it is sidelined until they clear it.

It’s Bottom Line time!

Buy Cost: $44.43

Sales Value: $708.49

Net Profit: $472.65


I got the last two days purchases out to Amazon this morning which I am giving myself major pats on the back for.  I need boxes so I’ll pick them up tomorrow and get another shipment out Friday and/or Saturday morning.

I will be back with more tomorrow!


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