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Todays trip – November 11th

And I thought yesterday was a good day! Today I hit all four of the same Goodwill’s I visited yesterday and as you can see from the picture above I found a lot of new things. This time of year is so great … not just for sales but also for merchandise being put out at the stores. Everything is kicked up a notch and I love it!

So many goodies to report today but I’ll start with the two best finds of the day:

The Yukon Explorer 250 piece Lincoln Log Set – I paid a majorly under priced (even for GW) $4.97 and listed it for $150.00. Based on the rank and only other seller I should easily get this price.

The Fisher Price Time to Learn preschool was another cool find. Priced at only $3.97 it is very sought after and I priced conservatively at $95.00.

The coolest find of the day award goes to a vintage 1960’s Jackie and Caroline Kennedy Paper Doll Magic Wand set. The box is mint, the dolls and clothing have never been punched out or removed. A pristine piece of history for only $3.97. There are no other sellers on Amazon but based on the going price of used sets where they dolls have been punched out and the clothing cut I priced at $50.00.

Other notables:

McDonalds presents the Muppet Babies – really cool little holiday dolls and I found 5 of them still sealed in the original plastic bags. I paid $1.97 each and listed them for $35 (the Kermits), $29.99 (Miss Piggy), and $14.95 (the Fozzies).

Winnie the Pooh Christmas Plush from the Disney store: paid $2.97 and listed for $35.

Duke (from Dutch Wonderland) plush – paid $2.97 and listed for $55. And since I live in the area this gives me an idea if he sells well to visit the gift shop clearance section and bring some more Dutch Wonderland to Amazon in the future.

Dunkin Donuts Chrismtas Jar – paid $1.97 and listed for $45.

Tiger Lily plush from Peter Pan – paid $1.97 and listed for $45.

Major League Baseball Monopoly – paid $2.97 and listed for $45.

Where the Wild Things Are Bernard plush – paid $1.97 and listed for $45.

Berenstein Bearsss Brother plush – paid $1.97 and listed for $35.

Just a couple of Duds to report:

The Anchor glasses were chipped in spots so I trashed them. Paid $2.97.
The Rapunzel plush turned out to be part of a throw blanket set so I gave her to my daughter (much to her delight). Paid $1.97.
The Pepsi Ornament was broken. Paid $2.97.
The Max plush from Max and Ruby was claimed by my little helper. He loves that show. I am a sucker. 🙂 Paid 97 cents.

The bottom line:

Total items listed: 43

Total Buy Cost: $123.79

Total Sales Value: $1305.47

Total Net Profit: $848.08

It was a long day today, I’m not going to lie. I shopped from 9am until I picked up my son at 1:30. Then home and I listed and prepped the shipment from 2pm until 5pm. It was a lot to go through and sort. But, for 7 1/2 hours of work (including driving and time for lunch) it still shakes out at/just over $100 (potentially) per hour which I think is a good goal to shoot for each day. And I got some perks for myself with that $5 off coupon in the form of a new microwave bacon tray, a pretty dress, a Caboodle (showing my age here but I loved these as a kid), and a really beautiful Christmas decoration I couldn’t resist.

Everything is boxed up and ready to go … just waiting on Amazon because I am having trouble printing the shipping labels. Hopefully they can go out tomorrow!

I’ll be back at it again and back with a new report tomorrow. It will be a slightly shorter day – I am going to try to hit the three closer Goodwill’s – because I volunteer in my daughers first grade class for an hour Wednesday mornings after I drop my son off at his school. I’ll try to speed through them and find as much as I can in the time I have left. See you then!!


  1. Oh my word, Stacy! I can’t believe the amount of great plush you find at your thrift stores. I have to live vicariously through you since my Goodwill destroys all their plush with permanent markers.

    You are definitely giving me the itch to go thrifting again. Lately I’ve been engaged in 90% retail arbitrage, however, when I went on vacation last month, I dropped into a thrift store for about 40 minutes and spent $60. I ultimately turned that into $400.

    …I’m going to stop typing now so I can revise tomorrow’s sourcing route to include a few of my favorite thrift stores. Thanks again for the re-cap and the extra motivation I need! 🙂

    • Hi Yolanda! I’m glad I could help!! This blog is helping me too … so often before I would just toss the purchases in my office to “deal with later” and now because I am doing updates I actually get the stuff listed and out the door in a timely fashion. So thank you for reading and keeping me motivated too!
      I can’t believe your Goodwill destroys plush with permanent markers! Why would they do that? Who would want to buy a marked up toy even if if wasn’t to sell. What a shame!
      I definitely get into other methods of sourcing at different times of the year but this season with the stores bursting with goodies is definitely thrifting time for me. I hope you find lots of goodies tomorrow!!

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