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Today’s Listings – October 13th

Hi there!

I am playing catch up after taking so long off thanks to illness and holidays. The more I see my sales ramping up the more I realize how far behind I am and how much catching up I really need to do. So, I forced myself to sit down today and spent the bulk of the day creating listings for the items you see in the picture above.

I wound up listing 54 items, for a buy cost of $125.07 (which I spent previously). Once they sell they should give me a sales value of $2247.44 and a nice net profit of $1593.14.

Now, I just need to decide what I want to do tomorrow. I have had a goal of $4k in profit before I send out the weekly shipment and between my partial weeks this week and last I am just about there ($3822.25). But looking at the pile it just doesn’t seem big enough that it warrants packing it up and paying for the UPS pickup this week. I hate to have it sit there another week though since it doesn’t make me any money in the basement. Also, if I hold it until next Friday it will be a monster shipment.

So, I’ll be mulling that over and deciding tomorrow. If I don’t do the shipping I’ll probably do either some listing or some shopping depending on what mood I am in. But, either way I’ll keep plugging along!

Have a great night!

Stacy 🙂

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