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Three stores - today's haul!

Today’s haul

Hi there!  As promised, I am going to start blogging about my daily (she says with high hopes) trips thrifting.  I’ll be sharing what I found each day and highlighting the good, the bad, and the bottom line.  So without further ado ….

Today with preschool back in session (but the extended day “lunch bunch” program not yet started) I was able to at least get a few stops in.  And, if I do say so myself, I was particularly speedy making the rounds so I got to three of my four favorite Goodwills.  Yay me!

I spent a grand total of $48.84 between all three stores (not including a beautiful Vera Bradley bag that I just had to have for myself.  This line of work does have some really nice perks!).

In the picture you can see all of my finds laid out and ready to list.  Lots of plush, a few games, and a few odds and ends.  Not a bad haul!

The duds of the bunch were the Seinfeld game that I paid $3.97 for and could only list for $10 and the Kung Zhu Battle Armor that I paid $1.97 for and could only list for $7.  I didn’t scan so that’s the risk I take and not a big deal overall.

The winners more than make up for it.  The one I am most excited about is the Stretch Armstrong Scooby Doo that was only $3.97 but I am listing for $75.00.  There are no other sellers at all (FBA or not) and on Ebay they are asking around $69 for the same item without a box so I figured $75 is a good place to price him at.

Another good find was a bag of great condition Phillie Phanatic plush priced at only $2.97 for all of the dolls.  In total there were 2 large, 2 small, and one hand puppet.  One was new with tags and the rest were no tags but excellent condition.  I wound up listing the large with tags for $45, the large without for $35, and the hand puppet for $10.  The two little ones I kept for my girls who are Phillies fans.

I also found a brand new, still sealed 7 pack of Maxell 100MB Mac Formatted disks.  Believe it or not, old tech like this can command big prices because it is next to impossible to find.  Who uses it still I have no idea but someone does because it always sells.  Today’s find cost me $2.97 and I listed it for $55.

There were some other notables:  a new $2.97 Dimensions cross stitch kit listed for $25, a $1.97 vintage Family Fued game listed for $35, and $1.97 new in package camera battery listed for $35.

In the end there were a few things that didn’t make the shipment – besides the phantics I also hung onto the Chic-Fil-A Cow for my son.

And then there was this:  A Snoopy Iflop stereo plush.  You can see him in the picture.  He is adorable.  You plug your CD player or MP3 into him and it plays through the speakers that look like headphones on his ears.  The tags were still on him and he is in excellent condition.  The best part is that you can’t find him for sale ANYWHERE.  And Peanuts collectibles are big business so this makes me very happy. Cha-Ching!!  But, Amazon not letting me list him because they flagged him as potentially “HAZMAT” does not.  So, he won’t be included in this batch and will sit on the sidelines until they realize he is basically just a stuffed animal with speakers and not a dangerous substance.

All in all a great day.  I spent $43.20 on the items I listed in today’s batch being sent to Amazon (remember I backed out the items I kept or couldn’t list today from the initial total spent).  If everything sells for my asking price today’s shopping trip will net me a profit of $387.27.  Not bad for a couple hours shopping this morning and about an hour to list and prep it this afternoon!

If you want to see more of this and share in my future trips – let me know in the comments!

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  1. How do you sell items on Amazon if you don’t have the original packaging/UPC code and there are no others like it on Amazon? I have some china that is NOT on Amazon I would like to sell but can’t figure out how to list it. Thanks.

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