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Today’s Haul – September 8th

Welcome back! I hope you had as wonderful of a Labor Day weekend as I did! We enjoyed an outdoor movie with the neighbors, took in a baseball game, and hit Hershey Park. It was a lot of fun….but now it is time to get back to work!

I only had short time to thrift today because I have a standing every other week coffee dates with some friends and I had a few grocery orders to fill but I did manage to pop into the closest Goodwill and found a few things.

Since there were only 5 items and no duds I’ll talk about all of them.

It seems it was a Teddy Bear theme going on today. I picked up the Boo Crew Russ Bear for $2.97 and listed him for $35. The Little Bear Talk and Laugh bear was also $2.97 and listed for $35. And the Eric Carle Brown Bear from Kohls Cares was $1.97 and listed for $25.

I also found a couple of cross stitch. They are long tail items (meaning they sit awhile before they find their buyer) but I usually pick them up when I see them new and for a good price). These two were $2.97 each and not for sale on Amazon yet. I put them each up for $35.

So, that’s it for today! Let’s look at the bottom line:

Total Items Listed: 5

Total Buy Cost: $13.85

Total Sales Value: $165

Total Net Profit: $112.22

Pretty good even if it was a small haul. It only took me about 15 minutes shopping time and about 15 minutes listing time.

Tomorrow my schedule is open so I plan to hit the three local Goodwills and if time allows maybe even the Mennonite Thrift. I’ll be back after that with more goodies!

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