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Todays haul – September 4th

Good afternoon…I’m back with some more goodies!  This morning was a little busy but I managed to stop into two Goodwill’s.  And boy am I glad I did!!

The two stores were two of the same I visited yesterday and these items were not there then so it just goes to show that you can never pop in too often.  Ok, now onto the good stuff…

As you can see in the picture it was a plush heavy day.  I paid .97 cents to $1.97 for each of them pictured above and with the exception of one Ziggy doll that I listed at $25 all of the rest were able to list for $35 or more.  The big find today was the Macy’s Lamb Chop Plush.  I added her to Amazon and based on my research decided on a $45 price for her.
Only one dud today:  That Cookies game in the tin.  That I paid $2.97 for and it is selling for about $7 currently.  I decided rather than make 99 cents on the sale (if I’m lucky) the kids would enjoy it so I am keeping that one for us.

Bottom Line:

All in all I wound up with a total buy cost of $35.46, a total sales value of $551, and total net (after buy cost and all Amazon fees) of $376.34.

I also received two wholesale shipments that I ordered last week.  I went ahead and listed both of them and while I won’t share my sources or the exact items (sorry!) I will share the bottom line on them so you can see how wholesale is a valuable tool to have in your selling arsenal.

I listed products from different companies with a total buy cost of $215.86.  The total sales value will be $1460, and the total net profit (again minus buy cost and Amazon fees) is $883.68.

As you can see wholesale doesn’t have the same great rate of return that thrifting does but because you can replenish it can be worth the higher out of pocket expense once you have built a good foundation for your business.  All of the items I am sending over today are items that i have already sold successfully and have re-ordered because I sold out or was about to on Amazon.  So, yes I had to put out over $200 but I can be fairly certain that they will sell and net me that $883 in the next month or two (or sooner with some of the items).  When that happens I will take some money from that profit and re-order.  Rinse and repeat.  Gotta love it!

And that is all from me today.  I’d love to hear your own thrifting finds so please share away in the comments!


  1. I never think to look for plush for FBA. Do they really sell that well? Even without tags? How do you package them?

    • Hi Paul! Yes, they do sell very well. Most of what we call “long tail” meaning you have to wait for the right buyer but when they come along you can get a great price for your item. Of course, I prefer ones with tags but the right ones sell tags or not as long as they are in excellent condition. I package them in poly bags that I purchase on Amazon.

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