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Today’s Haul – September 3rd

Hi guys!

NO grocery orders to fill today so I was free to do what I love most… thrift! I visited 3 Goodwills and 1 other Menonite run store in the area. The first Goodwill was a bust, the second was so-so, the Menonite thrift was pretty good, and the last Goodwill netting all of the bags of plush that you see on the table.

The best finds of the day:

The Cross Stitch Kits – These usually sell pretty well throughout the year and although they are long tail they are worth picking up if the price is right. I got the Bernat one for 75 cents and listed for $35 and the Dimensions ones for $3.50 each and listed for $35 each.

The latch hook is another item I know will sell…especially with Halloween coming. I paid $3.50 and listed for $35.

Now on to the plush:

Dan Dee Sam Dog – paid 97 cents and listed him for $35.

Work of Heart Care Bear – Paid $2.97 and listed for $35.

The two Vermont Teddy Bears were a nice find. I’ve sold them a few times and always for over $50. I guess people are willing to pay that because it is such a quality bear and still less than they charge on their website (although you don’t get the super cute box with the holes for them to breathe through). I picked the brand new with tags one up for $2.97 and listed him for $55 and the Scottish Golfer girl one for $4.97 (not new with tags so go figure the pricing on them … lol) and listed her for $55 too.

The Neon Taz plush and the Sister Bear were both in a bag with other plush (that I wound up tossing as they were worthless) and the bag cost $2.97 total. I listed Taz for $35 and Sister Bear from Berenstain Bears at $55.

The other bags are filled with mint condition, tag still attached Beanie Babies. Now, these are normally pretty worthless and when loose on a shelf I pass them by. But in bags of about 15 each for $6.97 I knew I could make some money. Most will net me $1-$5 once they sell and I’d say the whole bunch of them should bring in about $45. They were easy to list too since the tags have UPCs and I could just scan them into Inventory Lab one by one.

The day wasn’t without a couple of duds though:

The Creatology Melty Beads Holiday kit was $1.97. I couldn’t find an exact match on Amazon and the similar ones were selling for only a couple bucks. I could have put it up hoping that someone wanted this exact pattern but I decided to keep it. My kids love these things and it was a nice addition to the craft box for a rainy day.

The Bucilla Hip Stitch Kit – I paid $4.00 for this which would not have been a big deal except that when I got home I realized it had been opened (and very neatly taped back together so that I thought it was new in the store) and was missing some key pieces. SO, into the trash it went.

The bottom line:

Total items listed: 44

Total Buy Cost: $71.37

Total Sales Value: $746.45

Total Net Profit: $442.06

I spent 2 hours shopping this morning and about an hour listing everything which gives me a potential hourly rate of $ 147.35. Nice!

I don’t expect to be thrifting again before Tuesday when the kiddos are back in school but I will likely spend tomorrow morning working on wholesale or some other aspect of my business that I can do from home. Then I’ll be off enjoying the holiday weekend with my family and I hope you are doing the same!

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