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Today’s Haul – September 2nd

Today’s haul is actually more of a “haulette”. I had 9 grocery orders to fill (much better than 22 but still a busy morning) and then I managed to hit 2 Goodwills before Kindergarten pick up. The first Goodwill didn’t have a single thing worth buying. You just never know. Sometimes I hit the same stores every day all week and find tons of new items at each visit and other times the store is a dud that day. Luckily the second store was worth the stop and I found at least some things to turn a nice profit on.

Since there are only 6 items that I listed today I’m just going share all of them. So, here goes!

Phillips Component AV Connector – Paid $6.97 and selling for $43.00. Crazy low ran so this is a dead tech item that should fly out of the warehouse!

Beetlejuice Mask – Did anyone else LOVE this movie as much as I did?! I am soooo tempted to keep this one for me but the $55 sales tag (and knowing that it would just clutter up my house) made me list it. He was a steal at $4.97!

Gund Plus Terry Teradactyl – Paid $2.97 and listed for $55. It looks like he is hard to find. I can’t find anyone else selling him anywhere online although he shows as out of stock lots of places. And he is SO cute!

Inkadoo Stamps – Paid .97 and listed for $15. Whenever I find these types of little crafty items and they are brand new in the package I pick them up. GW typically marks them around a buck or less and normally I can list for at least $10.

Precious Moments Pocket Angels Love Angel – I got another of these yesterday at the same Goodwill. I paid the same $1.97 and listed for the same $45.

Boyds Scrooge McBear – Paid $2.97 and listed him for $35.

The bottom line:

Total items listed: 6
Total Buy Cost: $20.82
Total Sales Value: $248.17
Total Net Profit: $163.88

I put in about 45 minutes of shopping time and about 15 minutes to list so a good payout for that hours worth of effort!

Now that I am all caught up on grocery I shouldn’t to worry much about it tomorrow even if I do get an order or two in overnight. I plan on hitting as many Thrift Stores and Goodwills as I can tomorrow and making a final push before the four day weekend. It seems funny that we JUST started back to school and already a four day weekend!

See you tomorrow!!

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