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Today’s Haul – September 28th

Happy Monday!!

I had a busy shopping day! I filled three grocery orders and hit 5 Goodwill’s between the morning and one stop with my little guy after Kindergarten pickup.

Some of the items I found were just meh…like the Brass Button Bears (which look valuable but are only selling for about $11) and the Kohls Cares Raccoon from Over the Hedge (he was a new one for me but it turns out he only sells for $9 on Amazon so not one I’ll pick up again). Also, a lot of the brand new Webkins toys I found in grab bags weren’t worth listing but were worth adding to our family prize bin for good reward chart behavior so that made me happy at least.

But, luckily there was plenty to love about today’s haul too! Here are the best of the bunch:

The Webkin’s Mazin Hamster – paid $1.97 and listed for $35.

The Justice League Green Lantern Guy – I had to send a picture of him to my husband to identify and thankfully he scouted him out for me. I paid $2.97 and listed for $35.

The brand new drag racing games for PC – paid $1.97 for both and listed them for $35 and $45.

The Gund Schlepp Bear – paid $1 and listed for $35.

The Vermont Teddy Bear – paid $1.97 and listed for $45.

The Lands End Rugby Coach Bear by Gund – paid .97 cents and listed for $45 (I’ve sold him before so I know this is a good price).

The huge 24″ Casper the Friendly Ghost plush from 1999 – he is brand new still sealed in an original plastic bag. I paid $1.97 and listed him for $55.00.

The equally huge Safari Tigger Plush – I paid $3.97 for him and listed him for $75 (making me the lowest price compared to over a $110 from a MF seller).

Now onto the grab bags:

Bag #1 – this is the only bag that was actually filled with plush. I paid $2.97 for it and only listed the Care Bear (for $25). Net profit on this bag is $15.26.

Bag #2 – this bag was $4.97 and filled with brand new Webkinz Figurines. I listed 6 of them (kept the 7th) for between $4.99 and $10 each and will make a net profit of $19.43.

Bag #3 – This bag had 2 brand new Webkinz figurines for $1.97. They weren’t worth listing so I kept them both for our family prize bin. I still would have picked it up if I had known because it is a great addition to the bin for so little money.

Bag #4 – This bag had 7 new Webkinz figurines for $4.97. I listed 6 and kept 1 again on this bag. They listed between $5.99 and $10 each and the net profit should be $19.53.

Bag #5 – This bag had three Mazin Hamsters (brand new) for $4.97. I kept 2 of them and listed one for $35 giving me a net profit of $22.11 for the bag.

Bag #6 – This one also had three Mazin Hamster for $4.97. I again kept 2 and listed 1 but only for $11.99 giving me a net profit of only $2.55. The way I look at this one is two free toys for the prize bin and a couple bucks profit so I still would have grabbed it had I researched in store.

Also pictured above but I wound up keeping are the Mastermind Traveling Tin game for $1.97 (it wasn’t selling for much and my 9 year old will love it) and the Madeline in London book (this one is from 1961 and in great condition so I thought for sure it was worth money. Nope. Luckily, I only paid 50 cents and I have a big Madeline fan in my 7 year old daughter so I kept it for her.

Todays bottom line:

Total items listed: 34

Total Buy Cost: $65.18

Total Sales Value: $$760.51

Total Net Profit: $458.66

I spent about 3 hours shopping today and an hour listing giving me a potential hourly rate of $114.66 plus I saved a lot of money refilling that prize bin. I call that a good day!

Tomorrow morning I’ll be filling at least one grocery order (so far) and hoping to hit two Goodwill’s and the Menonite thrift store. I have a meeting after Kindergarten pickup tomorrow at my sons school and if it isn’t raining soccer practice tomorrow night so I may or may not get through all the listing… depends on how much I find to sell, I guess. But, hopefully I will be back at some point tomorrow with a new haul to share!

Until then, have a wonderful night!

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