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Today’s haul – September 28th

Hello! I can’t believe it is Wednesday already… this week is flying by! I had some early morning blood work to have done a few towns away so I took the opportunity on my drive home to swing into the Salvation army and Savers.

Here are the best finds of the day:

The Peter Rabbit set of 2 handled basket vases – paid $7.99 and listed for $55.

The Corelle Strawberry Sundae Creamer – paid $1.99 and listed for $35.

The Pyrex Hamilton Beach bowl – paid $3.99 and listed for $35.

The 1978 Garfield Mug – I actually collect these myself for the kids to use but we already have this one so up for sale it went. I paid $1.99 and listed for $35.

The Corelle Gold Butterfly Teacups – I paid $5.99 for 8 and split them into to two sets of four listed at $20 each.

The Singing Jonas Build a Bear Dog – paid $2.99 and listed for $45.

The Precious Moments Japan doll – paid $3.99 and listed for $45.

The Polly Pocket board game – paid $3.49 and listed for $33.99.

The 1987 Lincoln Log set – paid $1.99 and listed for $45.

The Icarly Sam’s Remote – paid $4.99 and matched another seller at $82.99.

The 102 Dalmations Hallmark Ornament – paid $3.99 and listed for $40.

The Dr. Browns Halloween Bottles – paid $4.99 for both and listed for $35 each.

The Tang Pitcher – paid $1.99 and listed for $35.

The Lilo and Stitch Soccer Ball – paid $3.99 and listed for $75. Lilo and Stitch sells very well and often for a lot of money and since this is not found anywhere else online for sale and is a very cool item I went big with the $75 price.

I found a nice bunch of vintage Tupperware today too:

The Condiment Caddies – paid $3.99 each and listed for $22.95 each.

The Mix and Store Batter Bowls – paid $1.99 each and listed each at $55.

The Harvest Gold Cake Carrier – paid $2.99 and listed for $55.

The Harvest Gold 3 Piece Steamer – paid $3.49 and listed for $45.

Today’s Bottom Line:

Total items listed: 23

Total buy cost: $70.81

Total sales value: $905.31

Total net profit: $616.73

That total net would be about $100 higher but two items (the vintage Mickey and Minnie baby party set and the Fire King gold rimmed bowl) were flagged as Hazmat and can’t be listed until Amazon clears them. Still, I’m very happy with so much profit for two quick stops!

Tomorrow I’ll be working on the pile in the basement again and probably getting a shipment out on Friday. I’ll be back to share the new listings once I get them created and what I wind up shipping on Friday!

Stacy 🙂

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