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Today’s haul – September 21st

Hello there!

So… I am still not feeling great and if you asked my husband he could confirm for you that I am generally a big baby when I’m sick. Because of this I decided to bag my plans for an afternoon thrifting run with my little guy in favor of coming home, getting done what I had to, and relaxing on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon watching movies. But, I did manage to make good use of my morning and found a TON of great finds between the 4 Goodwill’s I did get a chance to visit (and I filled a grocery order so Go ME!).

If you look at the picture of my table today you will see that I got a lot of plush grab bags. I love these so much! Here is the breakdown of how I did with them today:

Bag #1 – paid $2.97 and listed a Get Well Bear for $15 and a Kermit the Frog plush for $25.

Bag #2 – paid $2.97 and listed a Gund Cougar for $35 and a Singing Minty My Little Pony Plush for $45.

Bag #3 – paid $2.97 and listed a vintage Pound Puppy for $10 and a Snork plush (was anyone else the fan I was of this show? It took all my strength not to keep her) for $45.

Bag #4 – paid $2.97 and listed a Looney Tunes Baby Taz for $35.

Bag #5 – paid $4.97 and listed a bear and a hippo plush for $25 each.

Bag #6 – paid $2.97 and listed a Minnie Mouse for $8 and an Elmo for $10. If I had scanned the plush in this bag I probably would have left it on the shelf but I’ll still make a couple bucks at least.

Bag #7 – paid $3.97 and listed a Bolt Plush for $35, a Gund Frog for $25, and a Goofy plush for $10.

Besides the bags I found these goodies:

Mickey Mouse Music Mat – paid $1.50 and listed for $35.

Rock and Roll Elmo and Let’s Pretend Elmo – paid $4.97 each for them and listed for $45 each.

Melissa and Doug giant Penguin plush – paid $1.50 and listed for $35.

Vintage Garfiled plush – paid $1.97 and listed for $35.

Jackhammering Bob the Builder – paid $2.97 and listed for $45.

Bathtime Ernie – paid $1.97 and listed for $45.

Hallmark Snowman and Dog – YAY! I did very well selling these last year so I was thrilled to find one in perfect condition at the by the pound Goodwill this morning. Paid $1.50 and listed it for $45.

Boyds Daffodil Bear – paid $1.97 and listed for $25 (which is the price I have sold two others of this guy at).

In another Goodwill I found a big basket filled with vintage Campbells Kid dolls and snatched them all up. The Century Collection doll boy and girl cost me $1.97 each and I listed them each for $25. The 1988 Special Edition Kid doll cost me $2.97 and I listed him for $35. There were 6 mini beanbag kids which I paid $1.97 each for and listed one at $10 and the other 5 at $15 each.

And in yet another Goodwill I found an end cap stacked with Stampin’ Up Stamp sets marked at $3.97 each. I picked up 19 of them and listed 5 of them at $15, 7 of them at $25, 6 of them at $35, and 1 of them at $45. I also kept one for myself because it stamps gift tags and I thought it would come in handy and be fun for the kids.

The best news of the day was that I didn’t have a single dud (other than the plush I couldn’t sell from the bags but I buy the bags knowing I’ll only list the one or two items that I bought it for so I don’t really consider them duds).

Today’s bottom line:

Total items listed: 54

Total Buy Cost: $141.33

Total Sales Value: $1388.58

Total Net Profit: $856.76

I shopped for 2 hours this morning and listed for about an hour and a half this afternoon giving me a potential hourly wage of $244.78 for my effort.

Also don’t forget that today is the LAST day to pick up the Resellers Guide to Board Games before the price goes up forever tomorrow. This book really helped me out (I still reference it when I am unsure about certain games) so I definitely think it worth taking a look at. You can find it here: The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games

And with that this tired girl is checking out for the day. Tomorrow morning I am meeting friends for coffee but I hope to get to one or two stores before I have to pick up my son at 11:30. I’ll be back with a new haul tomorrow afternoon. Until then have a great night!

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