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Today’s Haul – September 1st

Ok, so this is really yesterdays haul but I finally got to it today. This was from shopping with my little guy after Kindergarten after a morning spent chasing groceries. So, better late than never… here is the update!

It wasn’t a huge haul but I found some gems…

The big finds of the day were:

The Discovery Channel Viewmaster Projector Telescope – I paid $4.97 and listed it for $125. I am the only FBA seller and the rank is pretty good so I have high hopes for this one.

The 24 inch Care Bear – I created a listing for this guy and put him at $75 (paid $4.97)

Other notable finds:


Spiderman (paid $1.97 – matching other FBA seller at $19.95) and the two Ravensburger Puzzles (paid $1.97 each and listed at $35 each).


Super Grover, Kohls Cares Grinch, and Mickey Sorcerer (paid $1.97 each and listed for $35 each)

Precious Moments Pocket Angel – paid $1.97 and listed at $45.

There were a bunch of duds in this bunch too, unfortunately. I didn’t scan ANYTHING because it’s hard enough to shop with my son let alone try and check Amazon prices…. so I winged it.

The Linksys Ethernet – this is an example when dead tech is just that. Dead. I paid $4.97 and would have lost money listing it so out it went.

The Potato Chip Science Kit – This really cool kit has TONS of seller sand wasn’t going to make me any money. Instead it made my 9 year old daughter very happy to receive it. I paid $2.97 for it.

The Littlest Pet Shop Monkey – This one I probably could have listed but I couldn’t find it anywhere online. My 7 year old daughter loves Littlest Pet Shop and plush so she was thrilled when I let her keep him. I paid $1.97 for it.

The Football kids set – My 5 year old son was eyeing this up from the moment he saw it on the table (and this is why I usually try to list when all the kids are not around and pawing through the I actually could have listed this for about $25 but because I gave the girls something, because I thought he and my husband would have fun playing with it as Football season approaches, and because I’m a softy, I gave it to him. I paid $2.97 for it.

The Boyds Bear – apparently she might be dangerous chemical because Amazon flagged her as Hazmat. I’ll check back in a few days and hopefully it is cleared so I can send her in.

Let’s look at the bottom line!

Total items listed: 13

Total Buy Cost: $34.65

Total Sales Value: $479.94

Total Net Profit: $322.90

Not a bad day and really proves the point that I can’t let my time be completely tied up with less than stellar grocery ROI. With only about 2 hours work I can potentially net $322.90. And with only $35 out of pocket. Especially this time of year because I know that with the holidays so close it won’t take long to sell these items.

I’ll be filling more grocery orders tomorrow but not without the craziness of the past couple of days so I should be able to hit some thrift stores as well and be back with another update.

Have a great night and happy selling!


  1. I love your haul by the way. You have really inspired me to make that jump to selling on Ebay and Amazon. I have a question for you. Do you merchant-fulfill your grocery items? I have been wanting to sell on Amazon for awhile now, but I’m hesitant to do fba. I have been reading some really bad things and with such a small budget I can’t risks fba mistakes. If you have merchant-fulfilled some of your items would you be willing to write about the process. I have yet to read a blog post or anything remotely decent about instructions on what to do.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Leslie!

      I do merchant fulfill my grocery items. Most of what I sell in the grocery category has a much shorter shelf life than Amazon allows. I also prefer not to put the money out for these kind of sales until I actually have an order. I actually started selling everything via merchant fulfilled and only switched over to FBA once I learned the ropes and inventory was starting to take over the house. Selling FBA definitely gives you an edge but it isn’t the only way to sell and as a beginner I actually think starting with merchant fulfilled makes more sense.

      As to the process it works like this: You put your listing up on Amazon and wait for a sale. Once you receive a sale Amazon emails you and lets you know. Once I get that notification I go out and purchase the item. Once back home with it I weigh the item(s) and figure out if I am going to ship Priority Flat rate or just plain Priority (I always ship priority mail so it gets to my customer quickly). You pull up the order in Seller central, enter the weight, choose your shipping option, and print the label right from there. The cost of shipping comes from your Amazon account and as soon as you print the label you are essentially “confirming shipment” which then means you are paid for the order. The money is put into your Amazon account and is paid out bi-weekly. You do not have to purchase the shipping through Amazon – you can choose to buy directly at the post office and put in the tracking info into Amazon, confirm shipment, and then receive payment at that time – but I find it much easier and I like not putting out the shipping cost up front too.
      I hope that answers your question! If you had a more specific question on any part of the process please feel free to shoot me an email at and I will do my best to help you out.

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