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Today’s Haul – September 19th

Happy Monday!

It is a miserable and wet Monday here but I braved the weather and headed out for about an hour this morning. I stopped into the two local thrift stores and found some things to sell.

My favorite finds of the day:

The Cornflower Blue 4 Quart Dutch Oven by Corningware (paid $5.99 and listed for $65) and the smaller Spice of Life pattern Corningware (paid $5.99 and listed for $35) – I have been really taking the time to look for these lately. Not only are they really cool they also sell well and for really good margins.

The Fred Flintstone plush – paid $.99 and listed for $35.

Radika Fliptop Solitaire – paid $3.99 and listed for $31.99.

The Mash Triva Game – paid $1.99 and listed for $24.95.

The Yahtzee Jr. Disney Princess edition – paid $3.99 and listed for $28.88.

The Fisher Price Change a Tune Piano – paid $4.99 and listed for $35.

The Thomas the Train Wacky Bridge Set – paid $7.99 and listed for $55.

The Imaginext Gorilla Mountain Set – paid $7.99 and listed for $65. I know to grab this one right away since I already found and listed one just like it last week.

I decided to keep the Good Seasons cruet because it was a cool older design and I like to make dressing. I also decided to keep the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sandwich Box because I couldn’t find it listed on Amazon and because my son loves PB&J and I hate that they always get smooshed when I pack them in a picnic lunch. This will help and it is cute to boot!

The Vera Bradley bags I am stowing up on my rapidly growing Vera Shelf in my closet. Most of the time I pass by the Vera’s because Savers tends to know what they are worth and mark them really high. But, one local Salvation Army has them marked really, really low so any in good condition I always grab. I love them myself so some will go into my own rotation and the rest will wind on on Ebay eventually.

The bottom line:

Total items listed: 14

Total buy cost: $52.88

Total sales value: $449.44

Total net profit: $265.83

See you again soon!

Stacy 🙂

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