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Today’s Haul -September 16th

Today was a busy day …. grocery shopping (have you guys been to Aldi? I’m obsessed!), other errands to run, and lunch with a dear friend. So, I only got in one Goodwill stop but didn’t do too badly!

I picked up the Cottontale Cottages for $2.97 each and listed for $35 each, the Tweety bird for $1.97 and listed for $55, and the Desktop Table Tennis set for $4.97 and listed for $45.

The Funny or Die Game turned out to be a dud. I paid $2.97 for it and will make just about $1 when it sells.

And when will I learn to take my own advice? I picked up another latch hook set (brand new and in shrink wrap) and didn’t scan it like I was supposed to. I paid $2.97 and although I listed it I will lose about $1 when it sells. Sigh.

Still not bad a bad day considering I only spent about an hour shopping and listing:

Total items listed: 8

Total Buy Cost: $23.76

Total Sales Value: $236.99

Total Net Profit: $149.04

Tomorrow will be another small thrifting day because I am meeting a friend for coffee. I’ll hit at least one store after though and if I am feeling up to it after lunch I might try to take my little guy out with me to hit another store.

See you tomorrow!

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