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Today’s Haul – September 14th

Hi guys,

It has been a rough few days here so far so please bear with me this week. Our school district has received a couple of serious threats right before and over the weekend and as a result my husband and I made the decision to keep our three children home with me today. I am praying that things are resolved quickly and we can get back to normal here.

So, since I had some unexpected company with me today I wasn’t sure if I would make it to Goodwill at all. Luckily, I haven’t taken the girls there since before school let out last year and all three were eager to go. I decided to see how it went and take them shopping with me and then out for some lunch.

I was surprised to find that it went fairly well! Not something I want to do every day but today wasn’t too bad. It definitely helped that they were allowed to each select one new toy from any of the three stores we visited (not all of the stores though) and we also shopped for their Halloween costumes while we were there (so check that off my to do list … woohoo!).

I found a lot of goodies – and quite a few duds (hey, I was shopping with kids today).

The best finds of the day:

Plush (again)!

Applause Lady and the Tramp plush – paid $1.97 listed for $45.

Gund Tigger – paid $2.97 – listed for $45.

Chantilly Lane Bear – paid $3.97 – listed for $45.

Peter Cottontail – paid $2.97 – listed for $45.

I also got a few bags of plush and thought I would break them out so you can see why grab bags can pay if you spot a good find within:

Bag #1 – paid $2.97 – listed 3 items – 2 for $15 each and 1 for $45.

Bag #2 – paid $1.97 – listed 1 item for $35.

Bag #3 – paid $2.97 – listed one item for $16.99.

Other good finds:

The Pasta Queen Pasta maker – paid $9.97 and listed for $55.

And the best find of the day …. the brand new DR DOS 6.0 operating system. Very low rank! Paid $3.97 and listed for $125.00. Woohoo!!

And now the duds:

The Unicorn Latch Hook – I paid $6.97 for it hoping it would be selling for at least $25 but it sells around $10. I still listed it to recoup my $6.97 but I will not recoup all of it.

The Geosafari Set – paid $1.97 and wound up keeping it. I couldn’t find it and while I was looking the kids started playing with it. It is actually a cool little educational toy so now it is ours. 🙂

The Pretty Pretty Princess Game – missing lots of pieces. Paid $1.97. I’ll probably hang onto it until I find another set or two to match up so not a complete dud but it won’t be selling any time soon.

That’s about it! Today’s bottom line:

Total Items Listed: 20

Total Buy Cost: $48.67

Total Sales Value: $587.68

Total Net Profit: $385.18

To be honest, I really don’t know how many hours I spent working today. We were out from 9:30 until 1:30 but there was a lot of time spent shopping for them and then at lunch so a lot of that wasn’t working. So whatever my hourly rate was today I’m calling it a win because I earned money WITH the kids home and I eased my own mind enough to focus by having them by my side.

Tomorrow I expect them to be returning to school. I am not sure how much I’ll get done or if I will be back for an update because I have a couple grocery orders to tend to and we are meeting friends for lunch after Kindergarten pickup but hopefully I have at least a small haul to share.

Have a great night!

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