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Today’s Haul – September 9th


I actually got in some good shopping today! I didn’t make it to the extra thrift as I planned (I forgot we had another dentist appointment this afternoon and that I also needed to hit a grocery store in the morning) but I did get to all three of the closest Goodwill’s.

I got a lot of goodies but the ones I am most excited about are:

The Bearington Collection Virginia Bear – paid $6.97 and listed for $45.

The Geosafari Geography Set – I’ve sold these before but this is the first time I ever found a brand new, still sealed pack so that was a nice score. I paid $2.50 and listed it for $45.

The Smithsonian Astronaut Bear – He was a cool find. Mint condition and so cute! I paid 97 cents for him and he isn’t being sold on Amazon yet. I found him on another site for almost $50 so I created a listing and put him at $45. He will sell by the holidays for sure!

My BIG find of the day was the Big Sister Dora set, new in box. It wasn’t with the toys so that goes to show that it is always worth a cruise up and down the aisles. I knew that the Big Sister Dora episode was fairly old (but still popular) so I had a hunch that this was worth the $6.97 asking price. Boy was I right! I listed it to match the other FBA sellers at $144 and should have no problem selling it in the next few months.

The only dud of the day is the Seahawk model kit. Amazon has it showing as Hazmat which given that it comes with paint and rubber cement I guess really should not have been a surprise. It only cost me $2.97 so at least it wasn’t an expensive mistake!

The only other item I haven’t listed is the large Boyds cat you see on the table above. I can’t for the life of me find any information on him. I’m still looking but now that my daughter Sarah is home I am fighting a losing battle of wanting to list him while she wants to add him to her ever growing collection of “friends”. Wish me luck!!

If there is anything you see on the table that I didn’t cover and you want more info on please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. I can easily look up the info on Inventory Lab even if it’s been awhile and I am always happy to share details.

Today’s bottom line is a good one!

Total items listed: 21

Total Buy Cost: $72.43

Total Sales Value: $710.78

Total Net Profit: $465.78

I spent about an hour shopping (the rest of my 2 1/2 hours this morning was spent grocery shopping and filling two grocery orders) and an hour listing so that gives me a nice potential hourly rate today of $232.89 an hour. That is what I call a good day!

Tomorrow unless I get grocery orders overnight I should have all my morning time free for thrifting so hopefully I can hit the three Goodwills again and that extra thrift store. But, we’ll see! Either way you can bet I will be back again tomorrow with more goodies to share.

Have a great night!!

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