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Today’s Haul – September 10th

It has been a dreary and rainy day here today …. a perfect day to get a lot of shopping in! I hit 3 regular Goodwills and the Menonite Thrift store as well as the Bargain Outlet Goodwill next to one of the regular ones. I very rarely venture into them. It’s actually been over a year actually since my last visit there right around the time they changed over to a weight based payment system. That store was an adventure before (think big crowds with people literally fighting over the bins of stuff) and I was sure that going to a by pound model was going to make that even worse. According to a conversation I had with an employee that I have befriended over the years my assumption is correct and unless you get there very first thing it gets pretty crazy. But, it was my first top today right after they opened and I was thrilled to find some good plush. I picked up about 6 new things and it weighed in at $3.95 so that was a nice score.

The best things I found today were:

Lots and lots and lots (did I mention lots?) of plush. The High School Musical Build a Bear I paid $1.97 and listed for $45. The TJ Bearytales I paid $2 and listed for $35. The Hallmark Jingles Dog I paid $1.97 and listed for $35. The Hallmark Hot Potato Rudolph I paid $3.97 and listed for $45. The original Holly Hobbie (I had one JUST like her as a kid!) was on of the bargain outlet finds so I paid about 50 cents for her and listed her for $55. The My Little Pony Newborn Belle I paid $2.50 for and listed for $35. The Heartsong Care Bear I paid $2 for and listed for $35. And the Woody Woodpecker plush I paid $2 for and listed for $35.

There were quite a few duds too:

The Agent P plush (from Phineas and Ferb) I paid $1.97 for and he is going for barely anything on Amazon. Surprising because he is so large! I would have lost money listing him so I didn’t.

The Baby Bear Read along set was the same story. I really took a stab in the dark with this because sometimes these things are worth a lot. But, not this time. At least I was only out $1.50 so it was worth a chance.

The grab back of sticker packs – I usually pick these up when I see popular things in the bag (in this case Bearstein Bears, Paddington, Simpsons, etc) and sometimes I get lucky and they list for $5- $10 each. But, today I didn’t get so lucky and wasted $3.97 on the bunch. Well, maybe not wasted because I will use them to decorate the kids lunches and stuff but still.

The two vintage pillow kits – I paid $2 each for them. These are another thing that often can go for a decent price but another case where these particular ones are not.

There were a bunch of stuffed animals that I wound up tossing too from the grab bags of plush. I typically will pick up a grab bag if I think at least one or two items are a winner and that was what I did with these. I did more than make my money back on what I could sell but there was a lot of junk I tossed too (before my daughter got home and started trying to claim some of them for herself).

All in all a very plush heavy day. I don’t mind those days at all! Especially because I now pay to have Amazon bag them for me. It does cost a little more (50 cents a bag for regular sized items) but it saves me SO much time and hassle I am willing to let that service eat a little into my profits. Plus, I no longer have to keep a ton of bags of all sizes laying around! I also have Amazon label for me at a cost of 20 cents a label (for those items that require labeling) and again I find the fees worth it for the time and hassle it saves me. The less time I spend on prep the more time I have with my family and with the margins so high on thrifted stuff it doesn’t make too much of a difference to my bottom line.

So, that is it for tonight. I’m wrapping things up while I wait to hear if soccer practice will be cancelled due to the rain. I’ll be back out again tomorrow for one last push before the weekend and then boxing up the whole lot to send out Saturday.

Have a great night!

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