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Today’s haul – Sept 8th

I posted earlier that I am unable to send the shipment info to Amazon until Inventory Lab fixes the problem I am having so I decided on an impromptu thrifting trip instead. I had planned to hit three stores but it turns out that I ran out without bringing my cell phone. This is a slight problem with thrifting since I can’t look up items I am not sure about but an even bigger problem because my three kids are in school and my husband is out of town. I was so worried I would miss an emergency call that I just finished up in the store I was in once I realized I didn’t have it and headed back home. Still though it was a good trip so I am glad I went!

I found a bunch of brand new, sealed Xbox 360 games. I listed 14 of them for which I paid $22.60 total and will make a profit of $102.94. There are a lot of other computer games there too that I will check out when I have my phone with me. I figured that if I made a mistake on these the worst that would happen is that we got a ton of new games for very little money. I did wind up keeping one… a Defjam rap star set with mic that my hubby will love (paid $4.99).

I also found some great vintage paint books – two Space Jam ones that I paid 50 cents each for and listed for $35 each and a Holly Hobbie one I paid $1 for and listed for $18. And a Get Ready for Kindergarten book that I paid $1 for and matched another seller at $29.89.

I picked up a Cleo plush from Kohls for 99 cents and listed for $24.95.

Christmas is filtering in now and I was thrilled to see a Hallmark singing snowman – these have done very well for me! – paid $5.99 and listed for $50.

The Snowbabies Rudolph figurine I paid $3.99 for and listed for $35.

The best find of the day was the Harley Davidson Limited Edition Remote Control F-350 Pickup. I paid $14.99 and listed it for $125.00.

The only dud was the Melissa and Doug Stencil set. I paid $2.99 for it and it isn’t selling for enough to make it worth sending in. Instead I am adding it to the rainy day pile for the kids. My girls will have hours of fun playing with it so it will be $3 very well spent. 🙂

The bottom line:

Total items listed; 33

Total buy cost: $81.99

Total sales value: $709.98

Total net profit: $413.11

I wish I could have gotten to the other two stores but for about an hours worth of work total I’ll take that profit!

I think tomorrow will be an all day thrifting event now that I have to push the shipment to next week anyway. But, I WILL be getting that shipment on it’s way to Amazon on Tuesday.

See you tomorrow!

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