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Today’s haul – October 5th

Today was a pretty small haul for a Monday but I had a lot of grocery orders to take care of, needed to pick up more boxes to send out items to Amazon, and had a few errands of my own to run. I still managed to get to 3 Goodwill’s which isn’t too bad but I didn’t have it in me to do an after school trip like I usually do on Mondays (and I really needed to come back home and beat the mail pickup to get the grocery orders out).

I found some stuff worth selling at least so it wasn’t a waste of a day by any means…. just not my usual big Monday.

Here is what I found:

At the Goodwill Outlet (by the pound) – I found the giant Wonder Woman (listed for $55), the Daffy Duck director plush (listed for $45), and a wind up Musical Mickey Mouse that turned out to be a dud (he no longer works – should have taken two seconds to test that at the store but I was in speedy shopper mode). I paid just over $3 for all three so definitely a good deal!

I picked up a large Vintage Minnie Mouse plush at the Goodwill right next door and listed it for $55 (there was no price on her so the cashier gave her to me for $1.97).

And at my third stop I found a Bird is the Word Elmo for $2.97 (listed for $45), a Littlest Petshop Sassiest Kitten plush for 97 cents (listed for $25), and two grab bags of plush. Bag #1 I paid $3.97 for and will make $33.84. Bag #2 I paid $4.97 for and will make $52.45.

The Bottom Line:

Total items listed: 14

Total Buy Cost: $14.94

Total Sales Value: $363.99

Total Net Profit: $234.89

I spent about 2 hours total shopping and listing which gives me a potential hourly rate of $117.44.

Once again I find myself with a busy week so I will be thrifting here and there as I can. Tomorrow morning I meet friends for coffee and will pop into the local shops after, Wednesday I should have all morning to thrift (yay!), Thursday I am getting my flu shot but will try to fit in a quick stop before and possibly after, and Friday if it is nice out my two youngest are having school fundraising races one after the other so I’ll be at the school all morning and won’t have time to hit any thrift stores (unless I am feeling ambitious after).

Have a great night!!

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