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Today’s Haul – October 28th

I managed to fit in a quick stop this morning! I hit the Goodwill that has the Outlet right next to it so I could do two in the time I had and I found a couple of things.

Since there are only a few items I’ll share each and the net profit per item:

The Puzzle – paid $1.97 and listed for $45.00 – net profit $32.26.

The Graduation Snoopy Plush – paid $1.97 and listed for $45 – net profit $33.61.

The Build a Bear Brown Sugar Puppy – paid $1.97 and liste for $13.49 – net profit $6.83. He didn’t have a shirt on in the listing so I kept that and added it to my daughters doll clothes collection.

The Papa Smurf – paid 50 cents and listed for $11.99 – net profit $7.02.

The Helen Henny Plush (from Chuck E Cheese) – paid 50 cents and listed for $35 – net profit $26.23.

The Curious George by Gund – paid 50 cents and listed for $12 – net profit $7.03.

Total net profit should be $105.96. The shopping was a little less than a half hour and the listing was around 20 minutes so not bad for under and hours work total.

That should be it for me until mid-week next week. Tomorrow I am spending my morning readying the house for Halloween (I’m a bit last minute this year…lol) and at night we are marching with my daughters baton team in a local parade. Then Friday two of the kids have Halloween parties that I’m helping with and trick and then we are having company over for trick or treating. And since the kids have off Monday and a half day Tuesday it is likely I won’t get a full morning of thrifting in before next Thursday. I will hopefully get to a couple stores here and there but anything I’ll buy I will just put aside and do a big haul with it all next week.

Have a happy Halloween!!!!

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