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Today’s Haul – October 26th

Look at that table… that is a LOT of stuff!! I did my best to get through it but I didn’t get home from shopping until 2:30pm and my girls get home at 3:30. Thanks to my wonderful husband taking baton duty with Sarah tonight I was able to do a little work after dinner and managed to get through everything that was easy to list but that still leaves me with three bags of stuff that I have to research and create listings for. I love these because that means I will be the only seller and can command a higher price but they are more work.

This girl has done enough work for one day. I started at 8:45 when the bus left, hit 4 Goodwill’s on my own and a Weis to fill grocery orders, and was on time to pick my son up from Kindergarten at noon. From there we stopped for a quick lunch and then headed to a farther away Goodwill for the last stop of the day before heading home. So, since I have no desire to spend my relaxing evening time creating listings tonight I will add those to whatever I pick up tomorrow and do a combined haul post then.

Tomorrow morning I had planned to hit a few close stores but it turns out I left my credit card over at the farthest Goodwill so now that has become my first stop for the morning. Hopefully I can still fit in another store or two before picking up my son and meeting a friend for some lunch!

I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon/evening sometime with two days worth of goodies to share! See you then!!

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