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Today’s Haul – October 24th

Happy Monday!

The kids are back in school and I got back to work today! I visited 3 Savers and 2 Salvation Army stores and did pretty well. Lots of plush!

I listed 35 items and spent $129.92. The sales value of the items listed is $1187.05 and once they sell I will net $747.86. I also have a bag and a half of stuff to add to my research pile.

Savers started doing that wonderful thing they do where they give you a 30% off card for every $50 you spend. They started to stamp them at the end of last week and I thought they could be redeemed now too but it turns out you can’t redeem until Nov 1st. Although I used them at 2 Savers before they told me that at the 3rd…ooops! So, I’ll probably be taking the rest of this week off and all of next from hitting Savers and picking back up once I can use the discount cards. Actually, all next week I will be taking off from any Amazon work because my Dad is coming up to Rhode Island to visit us. Yaaaayyyy!!!

Once I do get back to work the discount will be good through the end of December so that will be great!

Have a wonderful night!


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