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Today’s Haul – October 1st

Surprise! I didn’t think I would get a chance to update today’s haul but thanks to rain cancelling soccer practice and my awesome 9 year old volunteering to make our taco dinner for me … here I am!

I only made a quick trip today since I had company coming for lunch and had other errands to take care of and a quick house tidy up to do but I hit two Goodwills and did a very quick spin around both.

Here is the best of the bunch:

Bag of plush #1 – There were two plush from 102 Dalmations in this bag and neither were on Amazon. I paid $3.97 for the bag and listed one for $45 and the other for $55. I should make $73.74 on this bag once they sell!

Bag of plush #2 – Two very good condition vintage Mickey’s were in this bag for $2.97. I listed them each for $35 and should make $50. 46 on this bag.

The Double Ferris Wheel Knex set – paid $3.97 and listed for $39.

The Spongebob House Plush – paid $1.97 and listed for $25.

The Cricut Sets – brand new – paid $1.97 each and listed for $27.57 and $23.98 (matched Amazon’s price on both).

The Phinneaus and Ferb Jello Jiggler set – paid 97 cents and listed for $12.50.

The Trio Police Station set – paid $1.97 and listed for $40.

The only dud was the Motherboard. The box is filled with a few computer pieces which I know nothing about and I can’t seem to sell on Amazon so I offered them to a friend and if he doesn’t want them I’ll toss the box. It only cost a couple bucks so not a big deal.

The bottom line:

Total items listed: 10

Total buy cost: $19.82

Total Sales Value: $338.05

Total Net Profit: $236.27

I only spent about an hour and a half on this whole trip and listing giving me a potential hourly rate of $157.51.

And with that I’m off to relax and enjoy some yummy tacos! See you tomorrow!!

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