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Today’s Haul – Oct 17th

Hi there!

Kind of a meh day thrifting-wise. The local Salvation Armies are running a special where you save $5 if you spend $25 or more so I hit up two of them and a Savers. Nothing really great to write home about but enough stuff to at least add some profit to my next shipment.

I did have a couple duds though. The Star Wars Puzzle was open (paid $2.99) and I don’t sell puzzles that are not brand new. The Build a Bear Blue Peace Bear was $4.99 and barely selling for $10. The Snoopy Red Baron game not only isn’t selling for much it was also incomplete (paid $1.99).

All in all I listed 28 items for a buy cost of $82.24. The sales value is $601.62 which will net me $336.16 once they sell. Not a terrible haul since I hit the $100 an hour goal I set for myself but not a stellar day by any means.

The next couple days I plan to stay in and work through creating more listings. I might do some thrifting Thursday just to get out but we’ll see. And Friday I will be getting it all out to Amazon.

Have a great night!

Stacy 🙂

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