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Today’s Haul – November 2nd

Hey! I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween weekend and are ready for a new week! The kids are off for teacher conferences today and have a half day tomorrow so I’m not totally back to normal but I am getting there. Today a friend and I took the kids out to a local Bounce House and to lunch after but still I was able to list the stuff I picked up last week (in between school parties and other obligations) so I am feeling ahead of the game.

Everything on the table above is from thrifting with the exception of the Risk game. That was picked up through an online auction for about $20 and I listed it for $65.

Here are the best goodies of the haul:

The Puzzle – paid .97 and listed for $23.95

The Madagascar 3 Jiggler tray – paid 97 cents and listed for $15.

The Vintage West Bend Percolator – I really wanted to keep this because it is so cool (love the retro avocado green) but I couldn’t justify the space it would take up. I paid $3.97 and listed for $75.

The Lisa Frank Horse plush – paid $1.50 and listed for $45.

Crawling Baby Minnie- paid $1.97 and listed for $45.

The Aflac Lifeguard plush – paid 97 cents and listed for $35.

The Pufalump mouse – paid 75 cents and listed for a whopping $75.

The Bratz Babyz doll – paid $2.97 and listed for $75.

I also picked up a few bags of plush:

Bag #1 I paid $3.97 for, listed 6 items, and will net $15.12 on the bag.

Bag #2 I paid $1.97 for, listed 2 items, and will net $21.45 on the bag.

Bag #3 I paid $3.97 for, listed 3 items, and will net $23.81 on the bag.

I also picked up three bags of like new issues of the Which Way USA state puzzle books – 38 books total. I paid $2.97 a bag for them and listed each issue for $10. I should net $204.06 when they all eventually sell.

The Sanrio Pochacco puppy plush – paid 75 cents and listed for $45.

Not shown on the table is a very cool Dilbert mask that I bought my husband to wear for work this year. It was a hit at his office and now I am going to sell it. Paid $3.97 and listing it for $55.

The only duds were the Roger Rabbit costume set (paid $1.97) which was really mildewed once I opened the box and I tossed it and the Blue Jay Puzzle that I decided to keep (paid $1.97).

The bottom line:

Total items listed: 90

Total Buy Cost: $92.58

Total Sales Value: $1454.12

Total Net Profit: $860.98

I’m not going to guess at my net profit because honestly I don’t remember how much time I spent picking this stuff up last week. I don’t think it was too long though and with that much net profit from just the one haul it seems that I made our really well.

I don’t expect to do any thrifting tomorrow but am hoping to box up everything I have purchased since my last shipment out to Amazon and get it out. Then I can start fresh on Wednesday!

I’ll also re-open my grocery listings tonight or tomorrow. I have already had a customer email me and ask when I would have one item back in stock and with Thanksgiving around the corner I expect a bump in sales that I don’t want to miss!

Have a great night!

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