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Today’s Haul – November 24th

Hello! It has been a bit since I last popped in a thrift store but I was over that way this morning and with the kids in school for the last day this week I took advantage of it.

I only stopped into one store but found some goodies!

Everything on that table gave me 15 items listed for a buy cost of $38.62 and a sales value of $580.07. Once they sell I’ll net $401.34 which is really good for about an hours worth of work total!

This afternoon I’ll be listing all of the stuff that I have down the basement waiting for research and hopefully getting it all out the door to Amazon tomorrow. We’ll be visiting family over the next week so I don’t plan on hitting any stores but I’m hoping that next week I can get in one last push before Christmas activities really ramp up.

You can definitely tell the selling season is here as my orders page is growing fast and people are buying anything and everything!

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