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Today’s haul – November 21st – Part 1

Ok, guys … here’s the deal. I had a blockbuster day today and hit FIVE thrift stores. Four Goodwill’s and the Re-Uzit I mentioned yesterday that I was going to swing by. All five had so many goodies and it was a great day. But, time was short due to one daughter’s dentist appointment at 5pm and I didn’t get through a lot of it. But, to be fair, even if that wasn’t on the agenda today there is no way that I was getting through it all today anyway.

Just look at the table overflowing!

I normally don’t work weekends but Sunday is pretty low key for us and I’ll be stuck home roasting a turkey for the preschool Thanksgiving feast Monday anyway so I am hoping to get through it then and give a proper update. Otherwise I will get to it this week so I can get it over to Amazon before Black Friday.

Either way … stay tuned for part two to follow. And in the meantime – have a fabulous weekend!!

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