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Today’s haul – November 19th

Sorry this is so late tonight… time got away from me! Wednesday night is a busy night here in the McCafferty house and I just realized that although I wrapped up my trip hours ago (it’s boxed, labeled, and a pickup is scheduled from UPS for tomorrow … go me!) I never hopped on here to give you all a report.

So here goes!

Today was a shorter thrifting day partly because I volunteered in my daughter’s class until 11am and partly because I had to run a few other errands so I only got to three stores. But, one of them was a menonite run store and not a Goodwill so that was something different. I haven’t been to the one here in town in awhile after the last few visits didn’t pan out but today I’m glad I stopped because today I found enough there to fill a whole shopping cart.

Between that stop and the two local Goodwill’s I visited it was a decent thrifting day. Definitely better than yesterday and in much less time. You just never know…

The best finds today were:

The Black Forest Birdfeeder Kits – I found four of these for $2 each and listed them for $38 each.

The Kurt Adler Wooden Kind Nutcracker – I know from experience Kurt Adler items are usually worth picking up – paid $3.97 and listed for $35.

The 12 Days of Christmas vintage glass set – YES – this is the same set I did a Cha-Ching on recently!! The last time I paid $4.97 and sold it really fast for $55. Today I found the set for $4 and prices have gone up so I listed it for $95. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it sitting on the shelf!

Boyds Bears Bride and Groom bears – My Mother in law actually give me this same set at my bridal shower and it sits in my oldest daughters room. I found the same paid today at Goodwill and paid $2.97. They listed for $35 and I hope someone else loves them as much as I do!

The Kohls Cares – YAY! – Give a Mouse a Cookie plush. This one is older than the version with the red pants I found the other day and listed for $35 (paid $1).

The Tow Mater talking plush – paid $1.97 and listed for $45.

The Koosa plush- I have sold these before and they sell well around the holidays. This guy was in the best condition I have seen one of these in and listed for $45 (paid $3).

The Super Special Friend Kai-Lan – paid $2.97 and listed for $55.

The CVS 50th Anniversary Rudolph plush – paid $1.50 and listed for $45.

The Cracker Barrel Caroler – paid $6.97 and listed for $45.

At the Menonite store I found four cross stitch kits by Dimensions and Leisure Arts. I always pick these up when I see them (as long as they are unopened) and they sell well (albeit long tail usually). I paid $3 for three of them and $3.50 for the fourth. They all listed at $35.

The Pawn Stars “Old Man” statue – there is nothing like this on Amazon right now and I had a hard time finding much info online on it. I eventually did find one listing and based on that I listed him for $45 (paid $3).

So, a good day indeed. As usual, though, there were a few duds:

The Ken doll I paid $2.97 for and he is barely listing for more than that new so I decided to absorb him into our Barbie collection here at the house.

The Chantilly Lane Bear doesn’t sing. Her mouth moves but no sound comes out which is a shame because I have sold a few of these and the profit is decent. Instead it was a wasted $2.97.

The larger Wonder Vase I decided to keep … it looks really interesting and for $1 it was worth satisfying my curiosity.

The Lounge decal I also decided to keep. One day, if we ever finish the basement as we would like to it would look really cool in the sitting area. I paid $2.97.

Those were the highlights (and lowlights) – lets look at the bottom line:

27 items listed

Total Buy Cost: $75.25

Total Sales Value: $956.74

Total Net Profit: $654.62

Total hours put in working today was right around 4. Definitely a light day and I’m very happy with the $163.65 and hour of potential profit that puts me at!

See you tomorrow!!


  1. Hey Stacy!

    Love your blog! Your finds are amazing. I have a question about the glasses–How do you package them so that they don’t get broken? I have something similar and I am nervous to send it in.


    • Thank you so much, Natalie!! The box those specific glasses are in has them nestled well with padded cardboard between each so I just sealed the box and sent them in as they are. But, I had the box they shipped in full to the gills with plush so they were really well padded in there. Hopefully they make it ok … the first set of them I sent in did. So, far I’ve been lucky and the rare item here and there that has ever gotten damaged I have been reimbursed for from Amazon.

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