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Today’s haul – November 18th

Some days are great days for sourcing thrift stores and others not so much. Today was definitely in the latter category. I visited four Goodwill’s and found at least one or two things at each but not the huge hauls I have been getting used to.

I did, however, find a few more adorable holiday dresses for my girls to round out their Thanksgiving and Christmas attire for the various family events we have planned so personally it was a good shopping day even if it wasn’t business-wise.

There were at least a few goodies:

The Safety First two pack of roller shades – paid $3.97 and listed for $35.

The Hallmark singing trio – I get really excited when I find these – paid $3.97 and listed for $38.

The Aero Garden italian seed kit – these sell really well because they don’t make them anymore – paid $2.97 and listed for $45.

The Hummel Blessed Event ornament – paid $1.97 and listed for $35.

I found some more of those little snoopy plush at the same store I found them yesterday and paid $1.97 for one and 97 cents for two others. I listed them for $35, $35, and $25.

And more Kohl’s plush – hooray!!! I found the If you Give a Pig a Pancake plush for $1.97 and listed him at $35, the If you take a Mouse to a movie plush for $1.97 and listed for $35, and a Moose for $1.97 and listed for (yup, you guessed it) $35.

The duds:

The little snoopy ornament it turns out was broken (his ears snapped off!) so into the trash it went. Paid $1.97.

The Ring toss really isn’t selling for much so I’ll just keep it for my own kiddos. It will keep them busy for five minutes one rainy or snowy afternoon and that alone is well worth the $3.97. Until the fights break out over whose turn it is anyway…

The train two packs that I thought would be a slam dunk weren’t. Had I flipped them over I would have seen that they were from the dollar store originally and I would have known they probably weren’t worth much. But, I didn’t so I’m out the $1.97 for each of the them.

There was a handful of other items that I just plain can’t find. Normally I can find at least some info online but these really have me stumped and to be honest after so many days straight of thrifting and so much other stuff I would like to get done I don’t have it in me to do the total, from scratch work it would take to list them. So, the Disney inflatable lounger, the reversible red riding hood doll, the weird 1980’s American Greeting exercise doll, and snoopy with the blue snow suit are being sent to my basement office for now. I’ll add them to the (ginormous) pile of things I need to research further and list when I have time. Like next summer.

So for now that is it from today’s trip …. let’s look at how I did!

The Bottom Line:

18 items listed.

Total Buy Cost: $41.86

Total Sales Value: $492.01

Total Net Profit: $318.00

It was a shorter day working today between the smaller haul and less listing time and a much needed grocery trip. All in all I spent about 4 hours today shopping/prepping/listing. That works out to $79.50 an hour potential profit. Nothing to sneeze at but a good deal short of my $100 an hour goal.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is a better thrifting day!

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