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Today’s haul – November 13th

I’m back! After my lovely coffee date this morning I swung into three Goodwill’s and once again found the shelves restocked with new things to sell. I loaded up at all three stores ,but as you will see thanks to a bunch of duds I didn’t have quite the stellar days I had earlier in the week.

First the goodies:

A Pfaltzgraff Winterberry Floating Candle holder – this is a popular line and a strong seller – I paid $3.97 and listed it for $45.

The Giselle from Enchanted ornament – I was tempted to keep her for myself – I paid $2.97 and listed her for $48.

Christmas morning glow in the dark puzzle – paid $1.97 and listed for $45.

And by far the coolest find of the day was a 20″ tall 1980 Moscow Olympic Misha the Mascot plush with original tags still attached. I paid $2.97 for him and listed him for $75.

There were lots of other decent finds but these were my favorite and most notable. Now for the many, many duds. Thank goodness in most cases a mistake doesn’t cost me too much.

The biggest mistake today was the Brio train set. Or what I thought was a Brio train set. I paid $9.97 for it which would have been fine because I could have sold it for $100 easily had there actually been a Brio set in that box. Instead, inside were various wooden cars and tracks from Melissa and Doug and other companies. Into the trash it went before my son saw it and it was strewn all over my house.

Other duds:

The Smith and Hawkin Black wreath hanger – only a dud because I realized that I NEED to have it to hang a wreath and love the look of it. It was a steal at only $1.99.

The Hallmark New House ornament. Should have scanned this one. I paid $4.97 used and it was selling new for $4.98 on Amazon. Ooops. Tossed.

The Phillies Snowman I realized would make a fabulous gift for someone on my list and am keeping him. Paid $3.97.

The Wilton Cookie Shapes pan – another item I am keeping. It isn’t selling for much and I think it will be fun to make cookies using it this year. Paid $3.97.

The Betty Boop in a red dress. Once I got her home I noticed the heavy staining so into the trash she went. Paid $2.97.

Ok, so it seems half the duds were things I decided to keep so not total duds I guess.

Let’s see how I did!

The bottom line:

Total items listed: 30

Total Buy Cost: $74.10

Total Sales Value: $973.98

Total Net Profit: $652.81

I put in about 6 hours of “work” today so I did just eek out my $100 an hour potential profit goal so I guess it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Still hoping tomorrow – with trips to all four Goodwills – is the biggest day yet!

See you then!


  1. Hi, Stacey. You’re probably getting tired of hearing from me, but in the case of Betty Boop, depending upon how severe the stain is, Dreft Stain Remover will remove just about or all of it. I’ve found some plush items that needed some “help” and I’ve found it it be very effective. i hope this helps & Betty can be rescued from the trash 🙂

  2. Another idea I’ve had for the “duds” is to repackage & donate them back. One of our thrift shops gives you a 20% coupon off your purchase if you donate.

    • That is a great idea … you can return to most Goodwills too. But, honestly I just want it out when I can’t sell it or use it. I do donate plenty of our personal stuff though… regular toy whittling down is a must around here! 🙂

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