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Today’s Haul – November 12th

Hello! I made the rounds to all but one of the Goodwill’s and the Menonite Thrift today (as well as found time to stop by Lowes to get boxes and Weis to fill more grocery orders). The stores are brimming with items right now and I love it!

I am actually getting ready to go on a mini-vacation with the family so I won’t be thrifting tomorrow and I am only posting the picture of what I bought today and the bottom line. So much to do and so little time to do it. But, I will be back Monday – well rested and ready to get back to work!

Total items listed: 44

Total Buy Cost: $89.98

Total Sales Value: $1149.58

Total Net Profit: $734.83

This was the breakdown of everything I actually listed. There were another couple bags of things to research and create listings for and those are sitting in the basement with yesterdays and will be worked on next week. Today I wanted to get listed what I could quickly and get it all boxed up to go out to Amazon. I accomplished that and will be sending out 5 large and 2 small boxes of inventory tomorrow. Two UPS shipments in one week… go me!!

That is it for this girl until after the weekend. Have a great one!!

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