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Today’s Haul – November 11th

Happy 50% off at Goodwill Day!! It is around my parts anyway and I took full advantage by hitting all 4 area Goodwill’s (5 if you count the outlet next to one of them). They were hopping and finding a cart was almost impossible but I managed to fight my way through and even took my son along with me to the last two.

It was well worth my trouble because I spent very little for a lot of profit. I got through most of it but in today’s bottom line you will only see what I actually listed. I have two bags of stuff that I need to research and create listings for but I’ve hit the wall for tonight so they will wait for tomorrow.

Here are the best finds of the day:

The number one find was the Guitar Hero Guitar – I paid $10 for it and listed for $150. Score!!

Other great finds were:

The My Little Pony Suncatcher – paid $1 and listed for $45.

The Pasta Maker – paid $5 and listed for $65.

The Barbie lights – paid $2.50 and listed for $35.

The Harry Potter border – paid $1.50 and listed for $35.

The Easter Mr. Potato Head – paid $1.50 and listed for $35.

At the outlet I picked up some plush for around 50 cents each (they do it by weight so I just average it out) and listed them for $35 (Lancelot Donald), $35 (Silly and soft eeyore), $35 (Brave plush), $35 (Easter Share Bear).

The Talking Baby Hugs Care Bear – paid $1 and listed for $45.

The Musical Paddington – paid $2 and listed for $45.

The Talking Wow Wow Wubzy – paid $1.50 and listed for $65.

I found a ton of grab bags at the first Goodwill I went too (they are always a gold mine for them):

Bag #1 – paid 50 cents, listed 3 items, and will net $33.38.

Bag #2 – paid $2 and listed NONE. Definitely a dud bag!

Bag #3 – paid $1.50 and listed one item. I will net about $9 on this one.

Bag #4 – paid $1.50, listed 3 items, and will net $62.39.

Bag #5 – paid 2, listed 5, and will net $76.72.

Bag #6 – paid $1, listed 2, and will net $56 (thanks to a valuable Curious George Tin Radio that I didn’t even see when I grabbed the bag).

Bag #7 – Paid $1, listed 2 items and will net $35.81.

Bag #8 – Paid $1, listed 1 item, and will net $26.08.

Besides the bag of plush above there was only one other dud and that was the Sir Hiss (from Robin Hood) plush. He got marked as Hazmat so I put him aside until it clears and will send him in later.

Today’s bottom line:

Total items listed: 47

Total Buy Cost: $60.76

Total Sales Value: $1347.92

Total Net Profit: $942.12

And as I mentioned this is not the entire haul because I still have two bags left to process. For the work I did today though I spent about 2.5 hours thrifting and 2 hours listing giving me a potential hourly rate of $209.36.

And I’m done by 5 (just about). Not a bad day with breaks in there to help in second grade, grab lunch with my son, do homework with the girls, and clean up the house. No wonder I am ready for a break! 🙂

Have a great night! I’ll be back tomorrow with more goodies!

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