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Today’s haul – Monday January 26th

Hello all!

I am back with the results from yesterdays thrifting. The kids have (yet another) delayed opening for school but even so I mananged to get through yesterdays finds. Go me!!

So, let’s dive right in!

The best finds of the day were:

Puzzles! New, sealed puzzles can be very profitable and I never leave a store without searching them out. Yesterday I found:
The Delicate Arch Puzzle – paid $2.97 – listed for $45.
The Cottage Puzzle – paid $.97 and listed for $35.
The Fire Wizard Puzzle – paid $1.97 and listed for $35.

The Direct TV receiver. It is an older model but still sells for enough to make it worth picking up. Paid $6.97 and listed for $45.

Hide and Eek – looks like a cute game and thought about keeping it for us but we have a bunch of games still unopened from Christmas and Aidan’s birthday so into the sell pile it goes. Paid $1.97 and listed for $35.

The Strawberry Shortcake Vintage radio/cd player – This was my favorite find of the day. So cute!! Paid $2.97 and listed for $55.

The plush were all $.97 to $3.97 and listed for $20 to $45 each.

The only dud of the day:
I decided to keep the My First Cross Stitch kit because it wasn’t selling for a lot and my oldest daughter would love to do this one afternoon.

I need to do more research on the Mickey plush holding the picture frame and the two vintage wooden puzzles so those are going into the bins in the basement that I will be tackling.

All in all a very good day and a nice way to kick up my motivation.

The bottom line:

Listed: 24 items
Total Buy Cost: $60.28
Total Sales Value: $722.45
Total Net Profit: $480.50

I thrifted for 2 hours yesterday (although admittedly I was also on the hunt for some exercise close and some stuff for the kids so my time was split) and it took me about an hour to get set back up for listing and get through everything today. Total time spent was 3 hours which gives me a potential net profit of $160.16 an hour for this trip. Awesome!!

Ok, I am off to get the kids to school (finally) and use my very short window while my little guy is at preschool to fill a couple grocery orders and if I can fit it pop into a store I didn’t make it to yesterday and do a little thrifting.

Have a fabulous day!!


  1. Great haul. I would love to hear more about your schedule and how you manage to get it all done. I have a 5 yr old in school and a one year old at home and am having a had time getting Amazon done and keeping up with the house! So glad you are back!

    • Hi Melissa! Thank you… I am glad to be back too!! The best I can say is that I completely understand and it is a struggle for me too. I find I work better when I have some sort of rough plan or schedule in mind and it definitely does get easier as your kids get older. Right now my daughters are in 1st and 3rd grades and are at school from 9am-3pm and my son is in preschool from 9am to 1:30 every day. This gives me a nice chunk of time to get stuff done but as you know there is so much to be done besides work. I try to fit my grocery shopping in when I’m out filling orders for Amazon anyway and one day a week I make a trip to a local discount store to stock up on snacks, yogurt, juice, etc. I also make time to see friends and volunteer in the girls classes whenever I can. I set aside Monday as my only thrifting day right now. The other days I fit in working through the backlog in the basement when I can. If I didn’t have that backlog I would be at the thrift stores those days too.
      I do this part time right now though. If I tried to do it full time I never would get to anything else. This way once I pick up my son at 1:30 (except Mondays which is my big listing push) I am done for the day with Amazon and can use that couple hours before the girls get home to clean up the house. It’s not perfect but it works for now. You work with what time you have and try to find a balance.

  2. I’m so glad you’re back-I love your haul posts. Question for you-how do you handle stuff that just isn’t selling? Do you have it sent back to you, and how long do you let stuff sit? Ok, that was three questions:)

    • Hi Leah! Thank you!! I am so glad to be back, too!!
      Ah, stuff that isn’t selling. I hate that stuff. 🙂 It does happen though and my policy is that I will let it sit there that one year until it is in danger of being assessed the long term storage fee by Amazon. I have notifications set up on my account so anything nearing this deadline will be sent as an alert to me. Once I see that message I review the items on a case by case basis and decide if it is something I want to have back for the 50 cent per item charge (sometimes it is something I can use personally or sometimes I will hang on to it a bit and then resend it in if I think it will sell at a different price or in another season). Otherwise I let Amazon dispose of it for the lower fee and just move on to items that will be profitable.

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