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Today’s Haul – May 27th

I am so ready to wrap up this week and get to the holiday weekend! But, before I do I made a run to two Saver’s this morning. I found a bunch of ok things to sell but a few things stood out:

The Baby Butterscotch – Aidan was a little worried I was selling Sarah’s Baby Butterscotch and was very relieved to find out it was a different one. LOL I paid $5.99 and listed for $65.

The Build a Bear Elmo – paid $3.99 and listed for $45.

The Madeline Tea Set – I love Madeline! This set cost me $2.99 and listed for $35.

The Nordic Easter Egg pan – I picked this up on a whim because it seemed like such a well made pan. I’m glad I did because it is listing for $75 (I paid $4.99).

The Fisher Price Singing Soccer Ball – paid $3.99 and listed for $35.

The Ertyl Coca Cola Mechanical Santa Bank – I had an inkling this might be worth something since it crosses so many collectible areas (Ertyl, Coke, and Christmas). I paid $4.99 and listed for $50.

The Sweet Streets Hotel – I listed another from this collection the other day and had seen this hotel when doing research on the that one so I was really excited to see it at Savers today! I paid $7.99 and listed for $75.

The Biggest Littlest Pet Shop – paid $4.99 and listed for $75.

The bottom line:

Total items listed: 26

Total buy cost: $113.74

Total Sales Value: $938.54

Total Net Profit: $547.93

And with that… I am off for the weekend! I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! I should be back at some point next week but probably not daily. I am not buying anything else until I get all of this out the door to Amazon. I have quite the pile going on in the basement right now!


  1. I love your hauls, makes me want to jump back into Amazon FBA. I did have a question that I have not been able to find the answer on. You mention Amazon does all the prep work for your shipments, does this include labeling too? You source a lot of used plush, but I am wondering do you put the labels on or do you let Amazon do that? and if Amazon does it do you have to put a upc on each item? When I was doing Amazon FBA heavy it was mostly retail arbitrage so everything came with a upc but I’d love to look into sending thrifted pre-owned items.

    Thanks so much in advance

    • Hi Grace! It is a bit addicting! 🙂

      Yes, I do have Amazon do all of my prep. They label for me (I believe the cost is 20 cents a label) and for my plush they poly bag and label. You can find the prices for all of the prep services they offer on Seller Central. I should know the cost of poly bagging but it varies by size and I’m just so happy not to have to do it myself it is a cost I happily pay! You do not have to have a UPC on the item itself so all they are doing is putting their FBA label on it. You do need a UPC on the listing though. I purchase UPC codes on Ebay (they are pretty cheap) and use them when I have to create a new listing for something without a UPC…like all that plush.

      I hope that helps some!

      • Thanks so much for your fast response. I agree that the prep cost in this scenario is well worth it. Excited to know I do not have to even mess with labeling or attaching a physical UPC tag, thanks again!

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