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Today’s Haul – May 24th

Today was a very, very good day. Especially for plush! I had to drop my pup off for some xrays this morning and then headed right out and tried to focus on shopping for Amazon (as opposed to for myself lol). I got through the Savers and three Salvation Armies with still enough time left to grocery shop after. A couple of the stores had just put out some really good stuffed animals and I managed to grab up some really good finds today!

The best of the days were:

The Magilla Gorilla and Captain Cavemen plush – I remember these guys from when I was a kid and was really excited to find them both in mint condition and with the original tags. I paid $1.99 each and listed for $45 each.

The Kohl’s Dory (from Finding Nemo) – paid $1.99 and listed for $35.

The Baby Stuffies Hippo – This is the first of the baby ones of these I have come across and this one was brand new looking with the original tags. They are priced all over the place on Amazon. From $10 for the ones a lot of people are selling to well over $50 for the more rare ones. This hippo didn’t have anyone selling it so I am taking a chance and priced at $55 (paid $1.99).

The Build a Bear Puppy – paid $1.99 and listed for $35 (which is where I have sold the same plush at before).

The Gund Rock a Bye Baby Bear – this is cute and creepy at the same time. It’s mouth actually moves while it sings! This guy was also mint with tags so I listed him for $45 (paid $3.99).

The Crush (the turtle dad from Nemo) – paid $1.99 and listed for $45.

The Ty Austin (Backyardigans) – paid 99 cents and listed for $35 (Backyardigans tend to do really well).

The 30″ Strawberry Shortcake – She is SO cute! Nobody else is selling her on Amazon but she’s been sold before. I listed her at $75 (paid $4.99).e

The Bounce and Sing Tigger and Roo – paid $1.99 and listed for $75.

The Barney plush – paid $1.99 and listed for $45 (Barney usually does really well too).

The Spanish Winnie the Pooh CD – paid 99 cents and listed for $45.

The Lolita Wine Glass – I’ve sold a bunch of these so I always pick them up when I find them. Paid $6.99 and listed for $45.

The Bratz Petz Jolie pillow – I had to create a listing for this one and priced it at $55 (Paid $2.99).

The Disney Duffy “MY First Duffy” Bear – paid $1.99 and listed for $75. This was a great find!

I didn’t have any real duds today except for some items I tossed from the grab bags and the Pampered Chef hold and slice. I had an unfortunate incident with a kitchen knife last month that landed me in urgent care and left me with 3 stitches so I am thinking I might need something like this in my kitchen. I paid $1.99 for it and based on the reviews it will be worth every penny. 🙂

The bottom line:

Total items listed: 51

Total Buy Cost: $114.14

Total Sales Value: $1447.71

Total Net Profit: $950.32

So, a very good day indeed!

Things from my last shipment are still trickling in and some are selling as they hit my inventory. Today I sold the Princess Minnie Mouse I picked up recently for $45. When things sell as soon as they hit Amazon I always wonder if I should have priced higher but overall I’m happy with $45 for her. Now, I’m hoping they get the rest prepped and live soon!

I’m looking forward to the return of the sun here tomorrow and temps in the mid- 80’s. I plan to head out right after the kids leave to make the rounds and hopefully pick up some more great items to sell!

Have a great night!

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