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Today’s Haul – May 19th

Hi there!!

Today was a VERY good trip!! I hit up two Salvation Armies and Savers (which has become Old Faithful for me… lots of new stuff every time) and left with some great finds from each stop.

The highlights of the day were:

The Giant Stitch Pajama Pillow – I love this guy. He always does really well for me! I paid $2.99 and listed for $55.

The My Little Pony Princess Cadance – I am getting to be quite the MLP expert these days… lol. I paid $2.99 for her and listed at $35.

The Patriots Team Nerd – Although my husband wasn’t thrilled about Patriots gear entering the house at least he is heading right back out. I paid $3.99 and listed for $29.99.

The Vintage Dakin Garfield in Mint condition with original tags – A great find! I paid $3.99 and listed for $55.

The Precious Moments Doll – I was surprised to see him priced at $2.99 because the Goodwill’s back in Lancaster usually knew these were collectible and priced accordingly. I grabbed him without even doing a search and listed for $35 (because his locket is broken).

The Melissa and Doug Stencil set – paid $4.99 and listed for $35.

The World Tour Poker Tervis Tumbler Set of Four – I picked up two of these 4 packs for $4.99 each and listed for $35 each. If they had not had that poker symbol on them and were just plain cups I would have kept these in a heartbeat. I love Tervis! But, Poker isn’t the theme I am going for out on the deck this summer. 🙂

The Barbie Pink Label Taurus Doll – I did a search on her before buying because she was $14.99. When I saw how much she was selling for into the cart she went! Although another seller is listing her at 152.20 (and they are not FBA) I decided to come in lower. While I think she will sell for a high price I want to speed it along a little and not have her sit until Christmas if possible so I priced her at $95.

My best find of the day, hands down, was the Burger King Disney Glasses that you see lined up across the back of the sofa. I have sold these before many, many times and they always move and for a nice little profit with the original box or not. These obviously came from the set of a collector. Brand new in the boxes… mint condition. And priced at only $1.99 each. Definitely a no brainer and I took all 20. I wound up listing one for $12.75, 3 for $15, 2 for $18, 6 for $19.99, 7 for $24.99, and 1 for $29.99.

There were two duds:

A new in the box chocolate fondue set. I paid $4.99 and it is only selling for $11.15 (which would net me a 9 cent profit). I love fondue and have a set for meat and a set for cheese but nothing for chocolate so I decided to keep this and do a three course fondue night with the kids.

The Nordic Ware Rose Bundt Cake Pan – I paid $6.99 for this without looking it up in the store because in the back of my head I knew that I have always wanted one and would not be sad if it wasn’t selling for much. And it wasn’t… only $15 which would give me a 97 cent profit). So, now I own a rose bundt pan! Yay!!

There were a couple of plush and two Mickey and Minnie potholders I need to create listings for. I decided to add these to small pile I have going and do them all on Monday when I am boxing it all up for shipment. Although I have to find a better place to store the bag of items than under my desk. A certain naughty puppy (I’m looking at you Sophie) ate a vintage Annalee mouse this afternoon. Sigh.

Ok, on to the bottom line from this excellent thrifting day!

Total items listed: 33

Total Buy Cost: $118.08

Total Sales Value: $1097.04

Total Net Profit: $671.99

Tomorrow I’ll hit as many stores as I can after I make a necessary grocery trip for the weekend. Monday I’ll be boxing it up again and Tuesday to Friday will be a new week of thrifting. See you tomorrow!

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