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Today’s haul – May 18th

Good afternoon!

I took my time browsing around the stores today so I only made it two. Not as good of a day as yesterday but not bad!

The best finds of the day were:

The Hotel Transylvania Dennis plush – paid $2.99 and listed for $35.

The Hermey Elf (from Rudolph) – paid $2.99 and listed for $45.

The Madagascar Alex’s – paid $1.49 each for two of them. Listed the one with tags for $38.99 and the one without for $35.

The Despicable Me dog – Paid $2.99 and listed for $55. You don’t see this particular character often so I thought he might be worth something… I was right!

The Norfin Troll Colorform Set – ok, I might have gotten a little too excited when I saw this on the shelf but it’s a TROLL COLORFORM set!!!! This exact item wasn’t on Amazon already so I created a listing and put it at $55 (paid 99 cents).

The Schmid Fancy Hats puzzle- paid 99 cents and listed for $45.

There is a Boyds Bear that I got in one of the grab bags that I need to research before I list. I have a really cool Book of Boyds that I pull out when I get stumped on a bear like this. I should be able to find her in there and once I find the name I’ll have an easier time seeing if it is for sale on Amazon yet.

There were two duds:

The Knickerbocker bear – it turns out she is part of a set. Since I don’t want to sell her alone I tossed her. Paid $3.99.

The unknown Penguin plush. I picked up two penguins today. The first was Build a Bear and I was able to list for a small profit. This other one I have a hunch is from a movie but I’m not sure and it is missing it’s tush tag so I tossed it (paid 99 cents).

And there was one find today that could have been VERY good….but didn’t turn out to be. I found a vintage looking Coca Cola serving tray. I wasn’t sure it was worth anything but it was cool enough that I took a chance. When I got home and did some research I found that it features the original Tarzan and Jane in the picture. The original was made in 1934 by Coke but in the 1970’s a reproduction was released. Unfortunately, this one is the reproduction. Still, very cool and I am going to keep it for myself but if it had been the original one from 1934 it sells for upwards of $500. Sigh. But, seeing the crazy prices on these types of vintage trays I’m definitely going to start keeping my eyes open when I am out thrifting!

Today’s bottom line:

Total items listed: 15

Total Buy Cost: $25.38

Total Sales Value: $415.40

Total Net Profit: $273.89

That’s it for today… have a great night!!

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