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Today’s Haul – May 17th


I didn’t get out thrifting yesterday because I had too many errands to run and needed to get all the stuff in my basement off to Amazon (going out today – yay!) but I made up for it today. After the kids left I hit Savers, Once Upon a Child, and two Salvation Armies. And I did really, really well!

The best finds of the day were:

The Remote Control F150 – paid $6.99 and listed for $65.

The football Build a Bear – paid $3.99 total and listed the bear for $15 and the Patriots Uniform for $45.

The Peace Build a Bear – paid $5.99 and listed the bear for $35. The clothes went into my daughters collection.

The Tuxedo Build a Bear – paid $3.99 and listed the bear for $35. The tuxedo went to my sons favorite bear (because every bear should have some formal options in his wardrobe).

The Pirate Penguin Happy Feet 2 Build a Bear – paid $3.49 and listed the penguin for $45. The pirate costume also went to my sons teddy bear (because once he’s done being fancy he might feel like terrorizing the 7 Seas).

The Baby Puppet – paid 99 cents and listed for $35.

The WowWee baby white tiger cub – paid 99 cents and listed for $75 (and for way less than all the other sellers).

The 1997 Sears Paddington Bear with ornament – paid $2.99 and listed for $75.

The Monster Jam Taz – paid 99 cents and listed for $45.

The original lincoln General Store set (complete and in original box!!) – paid $3.99 and listed for $75.

The Vintage ( and unopened) Ms. Flair Totsy Sun N Fun doll – paid 99 cents and listed for $45 (I’ve sold these before at this price).

Only a couple of duds: The Mike the Knight wasn’t worth selling so I gave him to my son (paid 99 cents) and the Gingerbreadman cake pan wasn’t worth much either so I’m keeping it (paid $3.99).

There were a few other really cool things that I need to research. I found a very old magic kingdom playset that should sell for upwards of $100 even without all the pieces (paid $6.99). I also found a vintage fisher price Sweet Street house that I paid $2.50 for and it looks like it should sell for around $50 or so. There area couple plush I am also researching like the vintage Bugs Bunny from the old Warner Brothers store. I stashed them in a bag to work on another day when I have more time so they are not included in the bottom line.

Todays bottom line:

Total items listed: 26

Total Buy Cost: $69.25

Total Sales Value: $943.91

Total Net Profit: $637.15

As you can see I decided to back to the Today’s Haul format. Honestly, I ran out of catchy titles and this just seems easier and keeps me on track better. Less temptation to just stash it all in the basement to list another day!

I’ll be heading back out tomorrow so expect another haul soon!

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